Halo Metrics provides retail security solutions that protect the shopping experience.
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EAS Security 

Electronic Article Surveillance (EAS) Solutions from Halo Metrics Inc. offer retailers and businesses many advantages.
1) A Proven Way to Reduce Shrink
 EAS solutions have consistently proven to reduce theft between 30 and 50%, while increasing sales 7-10%. (Consumer EAS study)
2) Lower Total Cost of Ownership
EVOLVE antennas reduce energy consumption and associated costs by up to 75% over competing technologies. (Energy Logic EAS Analysis and internal EAS studies based on customer data)
3) Focus on High Shrink and Return On Investment 
Halo Metrics offers a full range of tagging solutions as part of its EAS portfolio that includes exclusive solutions for High Risk merchandise such as Spider Wrap, Keepers, Hard Tags and much more.  The advantages of these solutions include:
  • Security to ensure the highest level of protection for your high-theft merchandise.
  • Ease-of-use allows for easy application and removal with less disruption to your sales process.
Browse the solutions above for more details or contact your local sales representative to see samples or a live demonstration.
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