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3 Alarm Attack Spider Wrap - 70" (25/Pack)
Part Number:   3ALQSWRPL
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3ALQSWRPL-ND Sensormatic-Compatible     
3ALQSWRPL-RFC CheckPoint-Compatible     
Quantity per Carton : 25
Dimensions: 70" Cable

Optional Accessories:
PN Description
S3IHK S3 Handkey With Belt Retractor
S3AKEY S3 Alarming Key Dock with Handkey
Engineered stronger to provide increased & improved security
Acoustically amplified alarm - Perfect for busy retail environments 

New, stronger internal clutch enables cables to be cinched much tighter providing increased security for your boxed merchandise – especially medium to large merchandise.

The 3 alarm technology provides three levels of high-shrink security protection:
1. Early Detection - Self-alarms when merchandise is tampered with in-store.
2. EAS Alarm Protection - Activates EAS alarm if a breach occurs.
3. Beyond Boundaries - Self-alarms when merchandise is taken outside the store.

Available in Acousto-Magnetic (AM) and Radio Frequency (RF) technology.

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