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Bug Tag 2 (3 Alarm)
Part Number:   HT1471S33AL
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Quantity per Carton : 25
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PN Description
HT1510ADJCL7 Bug Tag 2 Snare
The versatile Bug Tag 2 offers a wide range of product protection applications. The alarming tag provides both security and flexibility by combining a reusable module and disposable sled. The Bug Tag 2 adheres to the face of the box. It has a slim profile and is easy to use.
3 Alarm means there is EAS Alarm Protection, Early Detection Alarm Security and Beyond Boundaries.
1. EAS Alarm Protection – Activate EAS Alarm if a breach occurs
2. Early Detection Alarm Security – Self-alarms when merchandise is tampered with in-store
3. Beyond Boundaries – Self-alarms when merchandise is taken outside the store.
95 dBA alarm
Flashing LED light
Improved sound chamber
Compact design
Quick and easy to apply and remove 
Reusable module
Disposable adhesive sled
Display Merchandise
Sell-through packaged merchandise
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