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Cashier Director Buttons
Part Number:   cashier-director-buttons
Quantity per Carton : 1
Dimensions: n/a

Director buttons are used by store team members to discreetly and efficiently summon assistance at cashier stations, service counters, and other areas.
4 Button Director Side Label (1.5" x 4.25" x 1.3")
12 Button Director (label slides in from back) (3.25" x 5.5" x 1")
Typical Service Locations
• POS Checkout lanes at front of store
• Service counters at which support may be needed
• Cash wraps located in the store
• Delis and other locations desiring to trigger promotional messages, such as “Hot French bread is now coming out of our ovens!”
Key Features:
Cashier and Shopper Friendly - One discreet button press summons assistance as cashier continues to serve the shopper.
Wireless - Locate buttons anywhere that cashiers or other associates may need to trigger assistance requests.
Long Battery Life - About 4 years of continuous in-store use!
Assurance Light (red) - Associated with each button, indicates any open assistance request.
Automatic or Manual Escalation - Can be configured to automatically escalate  messaging if assistance is not received promptly or to escalate by pressing the button again within a time window.
Side Label - Identifies button assignments; can be changed at store level.
Checkout is the last opportunity to deliver an e?cient, friendly, and positive overall shopping experience. As an integral member of your store team, Director help buttons empower the team to stretch even further to support a checkout experience that builds profitable shopper loyalty. 
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