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Gen 3 Specialty Hard Tags (100/pack)
Part Number:   10109223
Order Options
10109223-10111731 Gen 3 Enhanced Hard Tag     
10109223-10112051 Gen 3 Blue Ink Tag     
10109223-10111730 Gen 3 Hard Tag ECON     
10109223-10112017 Gen 3 Red Ink Tag     
Quantity per Carton : 100
Dimensions: 1.8” Diameter (46mm D)

The Gen 3 Specialty Hard Tag is specifically designed to protect high-risk items including a broad range of apparel merchandise and accessories. Its superior accuracy and precision facilitate accurate alarm management—and the aesthetically pleasing rounded look provides a strong visual deterrent, ensuring that merchandise remains protected. Using this product improves merchandise availability and protects the merchandise without any damages.
Optimized for wide aisle and underfloor systems 
Sleek round design; strong visual deterrence 
Closes almost seamlessly; difficult to defeat (even with a tool) 
Improves merchandise availability 
Protects merchandise without damaging fabric 
Easily removed at POS with a super detacher; reusable 
Available for @Source and/or in-store application 
Ink Tag configurations available 
Custom printing options available 
Other options available:
10111730 ---- Gen 3 Hard Tag ECON
10111731 ---- Gen 3 Enhanced Hard Tag
10112051 ---- Blue Ink Tag
10112017 ---- Red Ink Tag
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