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Main Alarm Assembly
Part Number:   9-0120-0001
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Quantity per Carton : 1
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Main alarm also sounds (105dB) notifying store associate, even in a loud environment, that a device has been tampered with or has left the security perimeter.
Battery backup protection (min. 2 days) during power outage. Main alarm will sound if power cable is removed.
The LCD displays the sensor head serial number and alarm code, allowing the store associate to quickly identify the reason for the alarm and which product triggered the alarm

Genesis Features:

Optimal Customer Experience 
Wireless security enables the customer to test drive the product without restrictions
Increased consumer interaction sparks an increase in sales
Small footprint allows the merchandise to be the star of the display
Simplified Asset Protection
1 Main Alarm : 100 devices
No need to program every key or recharge key at any time
Allows for quick and easy remerchandising
Cordwinder will withstand a minimum of 500,00 pull cycles
Significantly reduces total cost of ownership
Proven Corporate Advantage
Track the number of device lifts per SKU
Track the date and time of each lift
Track the dwell time of each lift
Forecast consumer demand, optimize marketing spend, and predict trends

Genesis Profit Generating Data Analytics Features: 

Track number of product lifts by SKU.
Compare to sales to determine close rate.

Track date and time of each lift.
Improve associate store coverage.
Track dwell time.
Gauge customer interest for each device.
Advertising dollars will be spent more efficiently.
Target lower lift products.
Target advertising for more profitable products not being lifted.
Remotely monitor if devices are being powered. Sennco data analytics can be viewed in a dashboard on a desktop, tablet, or cell phone.
Analyze consumer shopping habits and product interest by district and regions.
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