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Mobi™ is an example of arti?cial intelligence applied to an existing mechanical key and can ?t into any existing mechanical lock. Mobi™ brings your locks into the 21st century by adding intelligence in the form of analytics, video, and audit trails. The retro?t solution you have been waiting for is here! 
How does Mobi™ know what lock is being accessed?
Mobi™ incorporates electronics that can read RFID tags mounted within drawers, doors, or other closure means. The tag I.D. is captured and accessed via the audit trail providing time, date and speci?c lock location.
Mobi 1.1™ incorporates biometrics speci?c to user I.D. Thus, the Mobi 1.1™ key can be used in high security applications such as casino cash drawers, pharmacy prescription drug cages, and other applications where restricted key use is required. 
• Small footprint, robust key enclosure
• Extreme light in weight, 3 ozs
• Multi -year life rechargeable button cell battery
• All flat key format shanks available
• Multi -color LED indicator for low battery alert
• I.P. camera/CCTV activation upon opening - audit trail of user ID, data analytics, video capture
• Lock “tag” identifies specific lock being opened
• Lock ID indicated on audit trail
• No removal or changing of existing lock required
• No hacking or cloning issues
• Panic alert
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