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Peg Hook Alert
Part Number:   PHA-2018
Quantity per Carton : 1
Dimensions: n/a

The Smart Solution for Open Merchandising
The Peg Hook Alert system allows retailers to openly display merchandise with confidence. Most shoplifters are risk-averse. Security measures that take longer to defeat and provide some visual or audible level of deterrent make it more likely that store associates will engage. This positive outcome may lead to an assisted sale to a genuine customer or deters possible theft directly at the display. 
Peg Hook Pro
The patented Peg Hook Pro is the most intelligent hook to secure merchandise effectively. The Peg Hook Pro recognizes product removals, notifies these with a beep, and signals an alarm when a potential theft occurs. It is proven that the beep itself deters opportunistic as well as professional shoplifters from stealing. The Peg Hook Pro distinguishes itself particularly thanks to the fact that it detects out of stock directly at the shelf and sends this information in real time to a store associate’s smartphone. Empty shelves can therefore be restocked right away.
There is now an added level of protection for high-theft items, thanks to its built in slow-feed function, products can only be removed one at a time. The Peg Hook Pro also smartly differs between product removals and replenishment by only signaling removals acoustically. With its simple set-up, the Peg Hook Pro has user and customer- friendly handling. Truly a plug and play system, once integrated into the shelf, the hook is ready for use right away.

Advantages of Peg Hook Alert   
•  Out of stock detection as a feature option
•  Slow-feed function for more security
•  Enhanced user-friendly handling
•  Immediate alarm at the shelf
•  Open product presentation
•  Easy plug & play setup
•  Self-sufficient and scalable 
•  Battery powered
•  Multiple remote alarm options available
•  Optional integration into existing infrastructure (as CCTV, PA system)
•  Quick R.O.I.
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