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Quadro - 4 Port Alarm
Part Number:   9-0240-0100-01-00
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9-0240-0100-02-00 Quadro (White)     
9-0240-0100-01-00 Quadro (Black)     
Quantity per Carton : 1
Dimensions: 2.65" x 3.95" x 1.25"

Optional Accessories:
PN Description
HM-S212-C6 Garment Sensor
7-0560-2013-01-00 DA-KEY
4-0200-2226-00-00 Quadro Mounting Adhesives - Pack of 25
7-0460-1716-01-00 Quadro Power Supply
7-0590-3070-01-00 Clamp Sensor
The Quadro is a four port alarm only solution, which enable users to securely display up to four items at any given time with a variety of our cable solutions. If a cable is cut, removed from product, and/or unplugged from the alarm, the Quadro will siren. Once the Quadro sirens, it will sound until a key is put into alarm. If no key is ever introduced, the alarm will sound for 30 minutes. After 30 minutes of straight beeping, the Quadro will go into battery saving mode: beeps for 15-30 seconds, off for 30. Repeats until key is inserted.
Optional Accessories: Quadro power supply

- Compact four port alarm able to secure four products at once.
- Above or below counter solution, easily mounts onto existing fixtures.
- Easy to manage, easy to use, low cost technology.
- An interchangeable variety of customizable sensors available.
- Auto learns sensors in 10 seconds. No programming new sensors required.
- Can erase key memory (right at alarm), if key is lost or stolen.
- Key sequences to erase memory of keys and turn alarm off.
- Battery life is 2 years under normal use.
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