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Part Number:   HT1523-BLK-STD
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HT1523-BLK-STD-RF RF     
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Quantity per Carton : 250
Dimensions: n/a

Designed specifically for thin and delicate clothing materials, the NeedleLok Tag uses a sharp needle that does not leave behind a visible mark after being removed. This one-piece tag enhances visual dissuasion by including a red ink vial for Benefit Denial protection.
Key Features:
  • S3 Lock, Standard Lock or Super Lock clutch strengths
  • Single-piece tag with integrated needle, easier to manage by associates (single vs. multiple components)
  • Provides freedom of placement on the garment (no longer forced to use a seam)
  • Protected needle to prevent wear and potential injuries
  • Automatic spring loaded opening when placed on a Key or Detacher
  • Ink vial provides a strong visual deterrence and benefit denial
Suggested Applications:
Fine apparel
Light and thin fabric garments
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