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SmartFit is a help button / presence sensor inside a fitting room wired to a reset module outside the fitting room. The SmartFit unit communicates wirelessly with its Smart Response host, which accepts a variety of triggers related to events happening in your stores. Trigger sources include wireless help buttons, POS terminals, kiosks, burglar alarm panels, refrigeration systems, loss prevention devices, smart video cameras, presence sensing devices, and more. Following business rules specified by you, the system notifies the right store team member(s) and escalations follow as needed to ensure response. The result: instant awareness and, more importantly, e?ective response that drives sales, reduces shrink, and increases productivity.
SmartFit readily configures to meet unique store needs. For example, wireless communication devices already in your stores (like radios, phones, smart devices and pagers) can probably be used for notifications. Likewise, each key SmartFit function described below can be optimized for your chain.
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