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Part Number:   TrueView
Quantity per Carton : 1
Dimensions: n/a

SmartFit TrueView enhances the customers experience while in the fitting room by eliminating the harsh unflattering light projected from overhead lighting. Front lighting is a proven way to provide a more realistic and complimentary view, which builds shopper confidence and reduces returns. Shoppers will have the added benefit of effortlessly switching lighting scenarios such as evening, office and daylight with a touch of a button. 
  1. User selectable color temperature - daylight, office, and evening
  2. Frontal lighting, which makes customer look more radiant with even bright skin tones
  3. Customizable fixture housing and control switch cover plate that can be tailored to compliment the brand aesthetic
  4. No light bulbs to change, no excessive heat, efficient LEDs with long life are the green way to go low cost/ease of installation 
A positive experience in the fitting room gives shoppers purchase confidence increasing sales and making shoppers more likely to return, increasing shopper loyalty. Reinforce your brand identity with a great shopping experience, by providing shoppers with the option to experience how they will look under different lights ahead of special occasions. 
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