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PIN Pad theft has been on the increase for several years and Halo Metrics has been working with retailers across the country to stop this crime. Sometimes called "skimming attacks" theft of PIN Pads is usually an organized effort. PIN Pad thieves target unsuspecting merchants who have not protected their payment terminals.
Thieves tamper with the stolen PIN Pads and then reinstall them. The tampered PIN Pads collect banking information from shoppers for a period of time.  The criminals come back to download the data wirelessly.  Organized criminals use this data to commit identity fraud.  Identity fraud is a huge problem and costs consumers millions of dollars a year.

This crime hurts merchants as well.  Beyond the costs and time wasted replacing the equipment customers are concerned when they hear about a payment terminal theft from the places they shop.  They will alter their buying behavior and stay away from those merchants who have encountered an issue. 

Halo Metrics has the most extensive line of PIN Pad security options available in the market. We fabricate our own security brackets and can customize any solution to meet your needs. Take the risk assessment survey to see what your vulnerability score is. Request a FREE PIN Pad Theft prevention kit to get your security program started.  No matter what your risk level is we have a solution that will work for you. 

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