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Canadian Tire - Spider Wraps
I would like to share my experience from Halo Metrics with my colleagues at Canadian Tire.
I can say that Halo Metrics is an excellent security partner representing the Checkpoint and Alpha companies for our stores in Quebec. I am completely satisfied with the after-sales service we receive from our representative. I purchased Checkpoint systems and the installation was done professionally. I'm happy with my decision. I would also like to express my satisfaction with my purchases of Halo Metrics accessories including Spider Wrap in various sizes: 27 ", 70", 102 ", and 132" that we use in large quantities to reduce theft. I can say the protection that I wanted with these products, in tools, TVs, vacuum cleaners, expensive door handles, electronic products and many other products give me positive results on reducing theft to the display. Also, this resulted in almost no more open boxes. We tried and compared copies of Spider Wraps on the market and decided to take only the originals. The quality of the Spider Wraps and the easiness of tightening them well and the cashiers have no difficulty in removing them.
With Halo Metrics we are in good hands!
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