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Jonathan Beaulieu, co-owner, Sports Experts Carrefour Laval
August 14, 2017

Sports Expert, Atmosphère et Hockey Experts Centre Rockland Montréal

To whom it may concern,

Due to a problem with the theft of expensive winter coats during the 2013/2014 season, we decided to contact Halo Metrics to find a solution to counter the shoplifting of our expensive coats.

We are in September 2015 and we are opening a new store in Carrefour Laval with two floors of 40 thousand square feet. After a presentation from Halo Metrics, I decided to buy the Quadros that can protect 4 coats each. The cable with clip of a length of 6 feet seemed perfect to protect my coats.

The advantage of this system is that we can install them easily and change places according to our merchandising. Also another main reason to buy the Quadros with 6 foot cables is that the customer can try on a coat without having to ask a sales associate to “unlock” the coat. For this reason, we believe it would increase sales when we have high traffic. This gives our sales associates the time to assist the customer and close the sale. We win on both sides (protected coats and coats sold). As everyone knows if a coat is stolen, we lose a coat, and then we cannot sell it - a double loss.

After two seasons, I'm really excited about the result of my inventory. I'm happy to have made the decision to protect 640 coats with the purchase of 160 Quadros and 640 cables with clips sold exclusively by Halo Metrics. I can say that the Halo Metrics after-sales service is excellent. I strongly recommend this cable protection system from Halo Metrics. You will be surprised of the success to counter the theft - almost 100%! This solution helps us to keep our profits and to increase the sales!

Jonathan Beaulieu copropriétaire de Sports Experts Carrefour Laval 

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