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Martin Venne, Director, Sports Experts
Following a problem of theft of winter coats during the 2012-2013 season, we called upon Mr. Lemire of Halo Metrics to find a simple and effective solution to counter this problem. The following is a summary of our experience with the solution.
In the past, we used steel cables to lock our high-end coasts, but this technique required a lot of handling by our sales consultants, and there was a risk of damaging the merchandise. We noticed that we were losing sales because several clients were hesitating to purchase our products when they realized the time required to try on a coat.
We therefore met with Mr. Lemire, who suggested that we try out the AF4000 system for a 2-week period. We gathered comments from our employees, and from a number of customers in the store, in order to evaluate the system’s performance with respect to loss prevention and ease of use, both for employees and for our customers. Following are the points that stood out:
  • Simplicity of use: The action time required to override the system is a few seconds, and the handling procedures for installing the sensors are very simple.
  • Ease of trying on merchandise: Customers are able to try on merchandise freely without needing assistance from a sales consultant. The system has few or no restrictions that would interfere with the comfort of people trying on the product.
  • Effectiveness: The system does not give false alarms (we were concerned about this initially). The sound level is loud enough to be audible throughout the entire area of our store (more than 8,000 sq. ft.); it is a deterrent, but does not give the impression of the customer being a thief if it is activated inadvertently.
  • Visual impact: The module bases, as well as the sensors, are not very visible on the display racks, and hence do not affect the visual appearance of the store. In addition, we use metal plates to attach our module bases, which allows us to move items around in the store as we wish.
In light of this trial period, we have concluded that the system is adequate to meet our expectations OR requirements. We have therefore equipped our store with ten (10) module base sets: good for 40 coats.
Now that the season is over, we notice that our theft problem has been resolved, since there were no missing items in our annual inventory. We expect to increase the number of theft protection sets for the next season, as we are convinced that this system is effective. We are more than satisfied with the products, and this is why we are very confident in recommending this solution to you to fight shoplifting.
If you would like more information on this system, do not hesitate to contact me.
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