Halo Metrics provides retail security solutions that protect the shopping experience.
Michel Lantagne - Bentley Leathers Inc.
PIN Pad theft continues to be an issue that many businesses face.  At Bentley we wanted to do our best to protect our customers from fraud related to PIN Pad theft.  We needed a solution that was strong and secure but could still allow the payment terminal to be fully accessible by all of our customers including those in a wheel chair.  Halo’s solution solved all of these challenges with security post that was did not slow down the payment process for our customers, allowed full access to all, and was very strong.  We are happy with the results after implementing the Halo Metrics.  
The overall solution, pricing, service all exceeded our expectations.  We recommend Halo Metrics to any business looking for security solutions.
Michel Lantagne
VP at Bentley Leathers Inc.
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