Halo Metrics provides retail security solutions that protect the shopping experience.
Patrick Béland - Stokes Inc.
 “Stokes was in the process of looking for a solution to secure its pin pads as part of a point of sale upgrade project.  After seeing a Halo solution in a store while doing some personal shopping, I was impressed with the locking/ dismount concept.  Given the design of our own service counters, it was appropriate to install a stand that would allow us to better service customers with height challenges or in a wheel chair.
Based on their standard design, Halo Metrics provided us with a custom stand to meet our requirements.  We will soon be faced with the need to replace our pin pads.  Halo Metrics’ 2 part stand concept will reduce our cost to swap pin pads as only the top portion of the stand will need replacement.  Furthermore, we find more security in the ability to ship them pre-mounted in the stands with less handling causing pin pad faults in store.
Overall, we attest to our satisfaction with the quality of the materials, the design and service we have received from Halo Metrics.  We recommend their services to potential customers.”
Patrick Béland
Directeur, Technologies de l’Information
Director, Information Technology
Stokes Inc.
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