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Vincent Papineau, co-owner, Sports Expert

I am co-owner of this store.  Since the last 3 seasons, we protect our expensive coats with a cable system sold by Halo Metrics.

This Quadro alarm module can protect 4 coats: cables with a clip at the length of 6 feet - giving customers the opportunity to try the coats freely without the need of a consultant. This way the customer is comfortable, and the coats are protected against shoplifting.

The installation of Quadros is simple and fast and can be disarmed with a key. If the coats would be detached, there would be an alarm. The sound level is loud enough to be heard throughout the department. The Quadro is little and not visible on the displays; which, does not affect the visual of the store. We mount them on the bars or on the mobile displays. We can move them around easily.

When the season was over, we found that our problem of theft was solved because following our inventory count, I am able to affirm that this protection gave us excellent inventory results.

I am more than satisfied with the product, and we can recommend this solution to counter shoplifting, especially expensive coats.

I would like to add that the after-sales service is superior. You can trust Halo Metrics, a company that has several solutions for retail businesses!


Vincent Paineau



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