Halo Metrics provides retail security solutions that protect the shopping experience.
I would like to share my experience from Halo Metrics with my colleagues at Canadian Tire.
I can say that Halo Metrics is an excellent security partner representing the Checkpoint and Alpha companies for our stores in Quebec. I am completely satisfied with the after-sales service we receive from our representative. I purchased Checkpoint systems and the installation was done professionally. I'm happy with my decision. I would also like to express my satisfaction with my purchases of Halo Metrics accessories including Spider Wrap in various sizes: 27 ", 70", 102 ", and 132" that we use in large quantities to reduce theft. I can say the protection that I wanted with these products, in tools, TVs, vacuum cleaners, expensive door handles, electronic products and many other products give me positive results on reducing theft to the display. Also, this resulted in almost no more open boxes. We tried and compared copies of Spider Wraps on the market and decided to take only the originals. The quality of the Spider Wraps and the easiness of tightening them well and the cashiers have no difficulty in removing them.
With Halo Metrics we are in good hands!

August 22, 2017 - St-Jérôme, Atmosphere (Sports – Plein Air)


We are very satisfied with the "Halo Metrics" alarm system we purchased to protect our larger jackets from shoplifting.

The second version of the system had some difficulties last winter. Thanks to the excellent after-sales service of Halo Metrics, the system has been completely replaced in our 4 stores. The new alarm system is performing very well so far.

The system is easy to use and is not bulky for us or the customer. It allowed us to avoid the frequent thefts of which we were victims in the past. I highly recommend this system to everyone.

Thank you

Richard Savaria


Groupe Beaulieu Laurentides

I am co-owner of this store.  Since the last 3 seasons, we protect our expensive coats with a cable system sold by Halo Metrics.

This Quadro alarm module can protect 4 coats: cables with a clip at the length of 6 feet - giving customers the opportunity to try the coats freely without the need of a consultant. This way the customer is comfortable, and the coats are protected against shoplifting.

The installation of Quadros is simple and fast and can be disarmed with a key. If the coats would be detached, there would be an alarm. The sound level is loud enough to be heard throughout the department. The Quadro is little and not visible on the displays; which, does not affect the visual of the store. We mount them on the bars or on the mobile displays. We can move them around easily.

When the season was over, we found that our problem of theft was solved because following our inventory count, I am able to affirm that this protection gave us excellent inventory results.

I am more than satisfied with the product, and we can recommend this solution to counter shoplifting, especially expensive coats.

I would like to add that the after-sales service is superior. You can trust Halo Metrics, a company that has several solutions for retail businesses!


Vincent Paineau



During the construction of the new "Showcase" store in Edmonton Brandon Sims from Halo Metrics installed [worked with my team and myself to configure] our new Checkpoint security sytem.  The installation was done in a very timely and professional manner.  The configuration of the system was very unique due to the layout of the store and the team met all challenges encountered quickly and efficiently. I would recommend them highly.
Darren Gunn
Associate Dealer
Canadian Tire # 304, South Edmonton Common
London Drugs Loss Prevention has worked with Halo Metrics for many years.   We rely on the Halo Metrics team to provide top quality and cost conscious ways to effectively display products for our customers.    Halo Metrics’ line of products have been used widely in our stores and we are very pleased with not only the results,  their support of our customer service mission.  
Halo Metrics is often our first call when faced with a loss issue.    They have an array of great solutions that we can select to best keep products where it belongs,  on display for our customer.    Halo Metrics brings a customer focused approach to our relationship.  Because of this focus,  it is always clear that their team is interested in providing innovative solutions and reducing loss.  
Tony Hunt
General Manager Loss Prevention, London Drugs Limited
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