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  Quebec debit card ring defrauds 22,000  

   By :  Ravinder
    Jun 04, 2012    Views: 9014
Early in May Quebec Police made a major breakthrough by arresting 45 people and seizing 12,000 counterfeit bank cards in raids on an international fraud ring that cloned cards and pilfered cash from victims' accounts. 
Quebec Debit Card Ring Defrauds 22,000
A key part of this operation involved thieves stealing pay terminals or PIN Pad devices from local businesses.  This equipment was tampered with to record banking and PIN code information of unsuspecting shoppers. This was a well-coordinated effort where the criminals involved were cashing in millions from the fraud.  Authorities are urging businesses to physically lock down their PIN Pad terminals to the counter to help prevent this type of crime.
From experience we still hear from businesses that feel that they do not need to secure their PIN Pad devices.  Some believe that CHIP and PIN technology will prevent this.  Others believe their businesses are too small of a target and that there is always staff around to oversee the device.  The fact remains that criminals will take this equipment whenever and wherever they are able to.
To learn more about how vulnerable your business is for a PIN Pad theft attack take this survey.  For a free PIN Pad Theft Prevention Kit and to learn more about best practices to prevent this type of crime click here.

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Quebec debit card ring defrauds 22,000
Jun 04, 2012 03:00 PM

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