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  How to protect smartphone lenses  

   By :  Ravinder
    Oct 30, 2013    Views: 4976
New premium lens solutions are being introduced by major brands to be used in conjunction with smartphones.  These self-powered lenses clip onto the phone and utilize their display and flash.  Our existing multi-port solutions have been tested with these new devices, providing great security and customer experience.  
The Series 940 LP sensor, can easily attach to any smartphone with its low profile medallion.  Thanks to the patent pending Friction Fit micro USB connection, the same sensor, without the medallion, can power and protect the new lenses.  A 4-port Series 940 POD, with IR extender, allows both devices to be displayed together and managed with one IR interface.  Call your local sales representative for more information!

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How to protect smartphone lenses
Oct 30, 2013 02:00 PM
Oct 30, 2013 02:00 PM

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