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  Commercial security for tablets in business  

   By :  Ravinder
    Jan 23, 2014    Views: 4518
At Halo we are accustomed to securing tablets on display for consumers to purchase.  But more and more the use of tablets has spread to become a piece of equipment used for everyday business.  For example many businesses are using iPads to process payments, as part of self-serve kiosks, for inventory tracking or ordering, and many other applications.  Customers are asking for security solutions that protect tablets used as tools of business.
We are excited to announce the new CT50 Commercial Tablet Protection meets the security and user experience needs of tablets used for everyday business.  The heavy duty security features of the CT50 include:
• Ability to lock down an iPad in either landscape or portrait mode
• Allow the device to be powered by its OEM cable
• Easy release of the iPad for when you need mobility
• A very secure locking mechanism unlocked only with a proprietary key
The CT50 is due to be released later in Q1 of 2014.  Contact your local sales representative for details.

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Commercial security for tablets in business
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