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  Versa Guarde Bottle Security – Coming soon!  

   By :  Ravinder
    Mar 28, 2014    Views: 4479
The rules and regulations related to the sale of Wine & Spirits varies across the country.  Some provinces allow private sector liquor retail stores while others only allow provincially controlled stores.  
Either way theft is still an issue when it comes to liquor product.  Halo Metrics has an extensive line of bottle security that helps prevent theft while allowing merchants to put high risk product on the sales floor easily accessible to honest consumers.
The latest in bottle security is the Versa Guarde which is launching soon.  Contact your local sales representative to learn more.
Features include:
  • ‘One-Size Fits Most’ + ‘Single Hand Removal’
  • Unique design elements:
  • Transparent front & opaque back
  • Hinged “clamshell” opening
  • Integrated slide bar locking mechanism - S3 Dual-leaf
  • Locks on bottle with dual flexible metal pushers
  • Pivoting guard secures against defeat
Key benefits:
  • Single hand removal (insert key & push down to open)
  • 2 sizes fit most
  • Can be top applied on bottle while still closed
  • Dual technology (RF & AM)
  • Designed to accommodate 3 AL electronics

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Versa Guarde Bottle Security – Coming soon!
Mar 28, 2014 01:00 AM

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