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  Protect your outdoor display!  

   By :  Ravinder
    Sep 29, 2015    Views: 3946
Many retailers know that their outdoor space or the front apron of their store is valuable real estate to promote seasonal items or impulse purchases.  The upside in sales lift is real.  But how do you prevent theft of these items that are outside of your store?
Some items are easier than others to protect.  You would think big heavy objects like BBQ’s, ride on lawnmowers, snow blowers, ATV’s etc. would be less of a risk than apparel or fashion accessories.  But these big ticket items are at risk as well.  
Most retailers will resort to some type of physical restraint such as a chain and lock but these offer no audible alarm protection.  If a thief has the confidence to walk up and roll one of these large items away most bystanders unfortunately would not question it.  An audible alarm has the advantage of drawing attention to a theft attempt and increases the probability that a thief will walk away from this attention grabbing situation.
For the first time Halo Metrics is able to offer a commercial grade outdoor alarm solution that will do just that.  Simply loop the alarm cable around the object you want to protect and you are done.  You can tether several objects together.  The Outdoor Alarm can be tied into your premise alarm as well but even as a standalone system it offers a 124 decibel alarm.  Enough to get anyone’s attention!  See the video below to learn more.  Contact your local Halo Metrics sales rep for a quote.

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Protect your outdoor display!
Sep 29, 2015 03:00 PM

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