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  How did one retailer increase sales by 16% with click of a button?  

   By :  Ravinder
    Mar 25, 2017    Views: 4094
Retailing is a challenging business.  Customers can purchase products from you or your competitors anywhere and at any time.  Be it online or in your physical stores. But we know that shoppers still like to come in to a store to have their shopping experience.  They may want something quickly or want to touch and feel the product before they buy.  When they do remember that the quality of their experience will be a major factor in whether or not they make a purchase.
Everyone knows that customer service has to be great and we all strive to deliver the best experience possible. Sometimes technology can help.  Smart response is an in-store system that alerts staff when attention or assistance is required anywhere in the store.
An example of this is the strategic placement of Help Buttons within the store.  Now customers can quickly alert staff when they need help with something with a simple push of a button.  Smart Response measures how many times a button was pushed and how long it takes for a staff member to respond.  Wow! What a great way to measure staff performance!
One major retailer took the step to add a question to their online customer survey found on the sales receipts given to customers.  It simply asked “Did you use the Help Button?”  The retailer wanted to know if customers who used the Help Button system purchased more than other customers.
The answer was YES!  The receipts with the YES answer had an average transaction value that was $9 or 16% higher than the non-help button users.  

Great customer service is a competitive advantage.  Take a look this commercial from a major retailer highlighting their efforts in this area:
Now you can get the Smart Response system including Help Buttons and other sensors directly from Halo Metrics in Canada.  Visit our product page for more info or contact Halo Metrics to learn more. 

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How did one retailer increase sales by 16% with click of a b...
Mar 25, 2017 06:00 AM

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