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  Why are people eating Tide Pods?   

   By :  Tina
    Feb 10, 2018    Views: 2844

First we had the Cinnamon Challenge and then there was the (Kylie Jenner) Lip Cup Suction Challenge. Now, for some odd reason, the Tide Pod Challenge has gone viral! Children and teenagers are posting videos of themselves ingesting the laundry detergent packets – but at what cost? With smartphones being quite common, it is very easy to gain access to the social media platforms. As a result, they are doing silly challenges to post on these platforms for the views and likes.

At the first launch of Pods, hundreds of toddlers were ingesting the Pods. As a result, Tide made the Pods bitter and changed the packaging to make it difficult for children to open it. Now with the Tide Pod Challenge, the company is working quickly with Youtube to remove the challenge videos. Instead of just tweeting/posting “Hey, don’t do that”, the company has put together funny meme-looking posts that people can spread and share.  They also released a 20-second video of football player Rob Gronkowski earlier this month telling viewers not to ingest the Pods. Their message seems to be working, as there are many memes, photos, and GIFS about the dangers of trying the Tide Pod challenge.

Now there are photos circulating social media about Tide Pods being locked up with security. People are making it seem like these products are being locked up because people eating them for the challenge. However, Tide Pods are a high theft item and is a growing currency for drugs.  Retailers in North America are already facing high shrinkage of Tide Pods prior to this challenge. Now that the product’s popularity has increased, the potential instances of theft have multiplied.

Halo Metrics Inc. has solutions to #PreventTheft of Tide Pods such as:


Keepers: Allowing you to openly display your merchandise while securely protecting the Tide Pods without hindering the packaging. It provides a clear casing to allow customers to see the product, but it also prevents pilfering of the packages! It is re-useable with easy application and removal by staff.   







Spider Wraps: Allowing retailers to maximize their display opportunities while preventing pilfering. The Spider Wraps are tough, secure, and reusable!







CableLoks: Allowing retailers to cinch the handles of the products. It has an amplified alarm at the device and will be triggered when tampered with or when someone tries to walk out the doors with security gates.





Call us today and let us help you find the right security for your Tide Pods.  Let’s work together to #StopPeopleFromEatingTidePods!



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Why are people eating Tide Pods?
Feb 10, 2018 08:00 AM

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