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  The Obvious Method to Increase Sales: Offer Unique In-store Experiences  

   By :  Tina
    Apr 13, 2018    Views: 2175

Nowadays, customers are more likely to make their purchases online if it is available. Why is that? It is easier to obtain information online in the convenience of their home.  Brick and mortar retailers are struggling to bring customers into the store. However, as Steve Dennis wrote in his article, “Physical Retail is Not Dead: Boring Retail Is.”

Major retailers have been hosting unique brand experiences in their stores. These unique experiences typically aim to bring customers into the store and to boost sales.  Studies show that the longer the customer spends in a store, the more they will buy. Why? Because when they are spending more time browsing in the store, they are able to see and review more products that they may want.

What do Brick and Mortar Retailers need to do to get customers into the store?

1)      Promotions that are only available in-store

2)      Events held in-store

3)      Create a unique in-store experience


Examples of in-store experiences:

Sephora normally hosts special events for their “VIB and/or Rouge” members. These members are the shoppers that spend more than $350 at Sephora. By providing special events for their higher tiered members, it gives shoppers incentive to spend more to gain this status and receive special benefits. Sephora also partners with their vendors where they would come and hosts make-up tutorials or receive facials/makeovers/customized palettes etc.

Origins offers free facials and in-store sinks for customers to try different products. Normally, customers are more hesitant on buying new creams because they are unsure what the texture or smell is like. By providing in-store sinks, customers are able to test the new cream on their hands and wash it off right away if they don’t like it.

GUESS Canada hosts monthly events where they would bring in a DJ and personally call shoppers on their “Guess list”. These events usually come hand in hand with a big sale but they also offer free goods if you buy more than x amount of dollars. 

La Senza Canada typically has in-store sale events where shoppers would be given the chance to spin the wheel to see what kind of promotion they would get. This would entice shoppers to stop by just to spin the wheel. Afterwards, they would usually come into the store to browse and use their coupon that they won.

What can cellular retailers do to create an enhanced in-store experience?

When you come into a cellular retailer store, the smartphones are usually locked down into the counter (disables customer to fully experience the phone) or dummy phones are on display. If dummy phones are the only ones on display, the customer cannot play around with the phone to see if it is user-friendly to them. They cannot experience the phone prior to purchasing. This plays a strong factor into the purchase decision process. These actions are a result of high-theft of smartphones on display.

Cellular retailers can keep customers in their store by delivering the best experience possible! Redefine the retail environment with the Genesis Wireless – the first wireless security display on the market! 

Halo Metrics Inc. is the only vendor in Canada to offer the ultimate solution – the Genesis Wireless. This solution allows shoppers to physically compare devices without the hassle of security wires. It is protected by an invisible bubble so retailers can still be rest assured that the devices are being protected. The Genesis Wireless enables the customer to test drive the product without restrictions. The shopper can fully feel the weight of the product, test how it fits in their bag or pockets, and fully experience the interface of the phone. An increase in consumer interaction sparks an increase in sales!


Live interactive displays encourages “slow shopping” which leads to longer customer stay times in the store and an increase in sales.  Some retailers are seeing sales lifts of 20% - 40% with unique brand experiences!


To sum it up, Brick and Mortar retailers will still be standing for a long time to come despite the growth in online shopping. B & M retailers need to adjust to the fast ever-changing needs and trends of the shoppers by implementing unique in-store experiences that the online world cannot offer. 

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The Obvious Method to Increase Sales: Offer Unique In-store ...
Apr 13, 2018 02:00 PM

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