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Summer is officially here and the amazing sunny weather is here to stay! With that being said, there’s more desire to buy summer-appropriate attire. According to Olivia Perez, the “July Hit List” consists of solid colored bathing suits, drawstring dresses, silk shirts, Alain Mikli Le Matin Sunglasses, LOQ Xavi Sandals and more.

The popularity of these products is not only sought by honest shoppers, but also cunning thieves! It’s great for these retailers to have these popular products, but they would also be targeted by thieves who would try to steal these desirable items and resell it to the underground market. This scenario damages the retailers and also hurts the honest shoppers’ experience. Why? Because now the retailers need to make up for their loss. As a result, items may be marked up higher than usual.

We don’t want that to happen to the retailers or to the shoppers! Halo Metrics has the solution to help retailers #PreventTheft in their stores today.


To protect bathing suits, drawstring dresses, or silk shirts, our latest solution, the Mini Needlelok is designed specifically for thin and delicate clothing materials. The tag uses a sharp needle that does not leave behind a visible mark after being removed! It will be easier to manage by associates as it is just a single-piece tag with an integrated needle (vs. multiple components). There is also a retractable button that covers and protects the needle (for safety concerns)!


  • Fine apparel
  • Intimates
  • Light and thin fabric garments
  • Swim wear
  • Athletic wear

To protect the Alain Mikli Le Matin Sunglasses, the Optilok is the ultimate solution to protect the hottest sunglasses and prescription wear. The Optilok provides durable construction with protective rubber pads that secure hold and protect the eyewear. With this solution, retailers don’t need to worry about their eyewear being scratched by a security tag. They will be at ease – especially as the natural color rubber pads increase friction to prevent defeat. On the plus side for associates at the retail store, the sledging wedge makes it quick for application and removal. Retailers can protect their eyewear with the Optilok and allow their shoppers to conveniently try it on without the tag being obtrusive! Double-whammy!


For more information about the Optilok, you can read about the product description (here). For more information about the Mini NeedleLok, you can read about the product description (here). If you prefer to talk to someone, give us a call today! (Western: 1-800-667-9199, Eastern: 1-800-667-3390, Quebec: 1-514-603-3390)

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