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  What to expect from Halo Metrics at RCC Secure  

   By :  Tina
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It’s the most wonderful time of the year … Reconnecting with familiar faces at the RCC Secure Conference being held at the Toronto International Centre or meeting new faces on September 20, 2018! We are always so excited to show you some new innovative and exciting solutions to enhance or protect your retail stores! With #RCCSECURE18’s being fraud protection, data security, and loss prevention – you bet we’re on the ball with loss prevention! On another note: we’ll be giving away a full IAI Certified Forensic Interviewer Scholarship! Be sure to visit our booth #17 for your chance to win. We’ll also be having an after-party at Canyon Creek (Sept 20)! To RSVP, send an e-mail with your name, company, and if you’ll be bringing anyone (click here).


This year we have new and improved solutions to protect your boxed merchandise from being pilfered or stolen. These solutions include: StrapLok and Density Tag. The StrapLok protects nylon strapped boxes from being cut and pilfered. Come by our booth and we can give you a live demo! The Density tag senses the presence of the product through the box and if the item is removed from the box, the change in measured density will trigger an alarm! Talk about smart!

Come by and ask about our new peg and shelf merchandise solution! We have a variety of hooks to meet your needs: locking peg hook, locking peg hook with peg stop, peg hook plunger lock, and peg hook lock.

If you’re just as excited about the new solutions, read on to find out a little sneak peek on our new peg and shelf solution!

The Peg Hook Pro is the latest hook solution that allows you to detect out of stock directly at the shelf and will send you this information in real time to the store’s communication device. It has a built-in slow-feed function meaning shoppers can only remove one product at a time! It also recognizes product removals and will beep and signal an alarm when a potential theft occurs. The beep itself has proven to deter opportunistic and professional shoplifters from stealing! WOW!





We also have some great new apparel security solutions: NeedleLok, Mini NeedleLok, and OptiLok. These solutions would go with your high-theft apparel items and would not leave a mark on your delicate fabric. The latest sunglasses protection has a rubber grip to prevent any scratches on your high end sunglasses.


By having tethers, clamps, or displaying dummy electronics, honest consumers cannot experience the product the way the brand or the retailer intended.   So is there a way for shoppers to interact with these new technologies without restriction and yet secured from theft?


Yes!! Halo Metrics has exclusively launched BricTech for all retailers in Canada. Now with BricTech you have the option of a software only protection solution or you can combine BricTech with our wireless Genesis Display alarm solution.  Either way you can forget the ugly restraints! Come by our booth to see a live demo of the Genesis Wireless Display + BricTech.

Do you have a showcase display that requires a lock? Does your key keep breaking in the lock? Do you want to turn your existing key into a smart AI key?

We have some great affordable locks and a new AI solution that will turn your existing key into something more than just a mechanical key! Too curious to know what this solution is? I’ll give you a little sneak peek. We take your existing mechanical key and apply it to the Mobi™ case. 





 When Mobi™ is inserted in any lock with matching key and core, it wirelessly transmits its secure data to a digital IP/CCTV or analog camera.




 Then the camera captures the data and stores the video record and audit trail for time, date, and lock ID. Now you’ll know how often the display is opened, who opened it, and more. 

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