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  2014 Halo Metrics Survey Results  

   By :  Ravinder
    May 27, 2014    Views: 5090
As Halo Metrics continues to grow and reach new markets we decided to survey our existing customer to see how we are doing and what their perception of the Halo brand was.  It is important for our team to stay connected to our customers and understand their needs.
The survey was conducted by a third party research firm.  The target market included existing customers in Loss Prevention, Operations, Merchandising, and other senior managers from our Retail customer base.  We are pleased to share the following highlights from the survey:
What is the single MOST IMPORTANT factor you consider when selecting a loss prevention and retail security solutions provider?
The top 3 factors that customers felt were most important when selecting a loss prevention and retail security solutions provider were: the effectiveness of the security product (just over 1 in 4), the price of the security product (1 in 4), and the customer service offered by the security solutions provider (1 in 5).
In your experience, where does Halo Metrics excel, if anywhere?
Customers felt that Halo Metrics excelled in their customer service, as well as product knowledge and availability of products.
Please indicate how strongly you AGREE or DISAGREE with the following statements describing Halo Metrics?
78% of the respondents agree that Halo Metrics is responsive to their needs.  The majority of customers felt that Halo Metrics understood the impact of security solutions on consumer shopping behaviour, that they were highly knowledgeable, and that they provided great support.
There are several key learnings that we take away from the survey.  But the one factor that resonates above all is that we are in business because of our customers.  Their needs are important to Halo Metrics and we will continue to do our best to provide solutions that generate a return on investment with the best customer service support possible.  
Thank you to all of the survey respondents for their time and feedback!

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