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   Back from CES 2015!  

   By :  Ravinder
    Jan 14, 2015    Views: 6129
Technically we were back in the office on the 12th of January!  This year’s edition of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is reportedly the biggest in history in terms of attendance and number of exhibitors.  So there was a lot to take in and get our heads around because at the end of the day some of the ideas and concepts are not market ready or won’t be available in Canada for some time.
I heard an interesting conversation that explains some of the timing of what was showcased at CES 2015.  Several years ago when Apple unveiled the iPhone in January of 2007 the rest of the tech industry was working toward connecting various devices so that they could work together.  This effort was disrupted by the launch of the iPhone and later the iPad.  Than everyone jumped on the smartphone / tablet bandwagon.
Now in 2015 we have come back to this concept of connected things in huge way.  Have you heard of something called the Internet of Things?  It’s hard to escape this concept but basically it is the ability of nearly every type of electronic device to be connected to the internet and allowing communication between devices.  What was on display at CES was a range of devices that could eventually be monitored or controlled by your smartphone via an app.  This includes home automation, wearables, vehicles, and personal health monitors.  
Does anyone remember the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey and the computer that controlled everything named Hal? Well I think Hal has been replaced by Siri and hopefully she’s won’t be as much of a control freak as he was!
There were several other gadgets at CES this year including drones and robots.  Drones are advancing and it is only a matter of time before we start seeing these locally.  Government regulation for aircraft will still be a bit of a hurdle for these devices before this category will come to market in a huge way.  Also safety improvements in the area of sensing and avoiding objects will need to continue to develop.
Wearables continue to grow.  Smart watches are being produced by everyone!  So the me-too crowd is here in full force.  But Wearables is expanding beyond wrist wear into jewelry, health monitors, apparel, and glasses.
Virtual reality systems by Oculus and others are on the cusp of being widely available for the consumer market.  These types of systems don’t really take off until there is content to support the hardware as many of the current applications are gaming related.  Oculus is leading the charge and is collaborating with Samsung on a device that is technically available today as a consumer product.  There are many manufacturers that are trying to get to the consumer market before Oculus so the race is on!  A note to Retailers is that this device will require a full demo as people will want to test out the capabilities of the hardware.  The line of people waiting to test out the Oculus system was probably a hundred deep every day during the show.  The upside here is that it would draw traffic into a store and people will be willing to wait a long time to test it out.  Hmm… potential to increase in store sales for other product??
Extreme video recording devices similar to the GoPro have expanded to other manufactures as well.  So the video category isn’t dead but is evolving.  With Social Media recording yourself with a GoPro, smartphone, digital SLR camera, or even a smartwatch seems to be the trend.  That also means the accessories that go with these devices are growing.  Can you say selfie sticks?  
Screens of all types have advanced once again.  We are talking about 4k, 8k, UHD, SUHD, Gorilla Glass, Flexible, and Curved!  I have to believe there is a threshold where the improved resolution of a screen is no longer noticeable by human eyes.   David our National Sales Manager commented that he can only see in 720p.  I am guessing many of us are in the same boat!
CES 2015 was a huge show and by all accounts the biggest in history.  Looking forward to seeing some of these devices make it to the marketplace!
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