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  Introducing The Halo Design Experience!  

   By :  Ravinder
    Oct 05, 2011    Views: 7272
the halo design experience logoOn September 15th & 16th Halo Metrics launched The Halo Design Experience at the Canadian Wireless Tradeshow in Toronto.  This event was created to showcase innovation, design, and security integrated into fixture concepts for retail use.  The end goal was to create a seamless concept that inspired interactivity and a fully open shopping experience. 

Several partners collaborated to bring this concept to life.  Halo Metrics provided the security, interactive digital media solutions, and consulted on the integration of this equipment based on customer needs.  Comas Manufacturing Group provided the fixture design and construction.  RIM, Skull Candy, & WIND Mobile provided live merchandise for the display.

We worked with WIND Mobile to understand typical retail challenges and came up with ideas that would be implementable at store level.  Some areas we decided to focus on included:
  1. Creation of a connectivity display.  In this display the goal was to show customers how different data devices would interact via WIFI connectivity.
  2. Show powered up cell phones with cross merchandising of accessories.  This was meant to allow full access to live powered demos of devices with the opportunity to increase impulse sales on accessories. 
  3. Create a  feature display with a large touchscreen panel.  The content would be triggered by lifting live cell phones on display.
  4. Create an inline display with smaller touch screens and digital media triggered by phones on display.
  5. Tablet displays.  Because tablets have been such a hot item for 2011 we put out several solutions that powered up, displayed, and secured tablets.
Putting together an integrated solution based on the needs of different stakeholders with the ultimate goal of providing the best possible shopping experience can be daunting.  But that is what we did with this showcase.  The response was terrific as the attendees were impressed with the overall look of the displays.
Watch for upcoming blog entries on the different concepts that were created where we will go into further detail with each idea.
Halo Design Experience

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