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  Product Feature of the Week: BricTech  

   By :  Tina
    Jun 27, 2018    Views: 739
 A software lock that protects live devices from theft! 
Retailers selling consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops have been challenged to display these products as live demo’s forever!  These are expensive items to put on display and yet putting any physical security on them can deter from the interactive shopping experience. By having tethers, clamps, or displaying dummy electronics, honest consumers cannot experience the product the way the brand or the retailer intended.   So is there a way for shoppers to interact with these new technologies without restriction and yet secured from theft?
Yes!! Halo Metrics has exclusively launched BricTech for all retailers in Canada. Now with BricTech you have the option of a software only protection solution or you can combine BricTech with our wireless Genesis Display alarm solution.  Either way you can forget the ugly restraints!
BricTech easily loads onto the live devices and creates an instant security feature that locks the product when it is disconnected from power or if it moves outside of the wireless Genesis alarm range.  It is NOT an app that the thief can delete. The software is an embedded technology that delivers the highest level of device protection. The device is made useless unless it is brought back to the retailer to unlock it.  
Now retailers can safely and securely display these live demo units in any creative way your store designers and merchandisers want without any physical security restrictions!

Coming soon!

Device planogram compliance: Retailers will gain access to a dashboard that allows them to see what devices are on display and feel confident that the devices are protected. This allows retailers to know what’s on display and where it is located at any given time!

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