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  Product Feature of the Week: Density Tag  

   By :  Tina
    Jun 15, 2018    Views: 593

What! Why is there an empty box on the shelf?

Pilfering is the act of stealing some or all of the merchandise from the package and leaving the box behind. 

When a customer buys a product and finds that it is missing some items, they will be upset and have to come to the store to return the product. They will retain a negative experience shopping at the store. Although the shopper could get a refund or replace the product, the fact that they had to come back a second time will ruin their shopping experience at your store.


The Density Tag is the latest solution that helps retailers #PreventTheft in their stores. With the Density Tag, retailers are able to protect the valuable merchandise inside the box. The Density Tag “senses” the presence of the merchandise through the box. After it has learned what is inside the box, it will alarm if the item is removed from the box. Why? Because it senses the change in measured density. This solution offers the ultimate protection of the actual merchandise inside the box!

Through our product, Halo Metrics provide retailers the solution to prevent pilfering of boxed merchandise goods. Using the Density Tag allows retailers to leave their boxed merchandise on display instead of behind the counters. This will create an opportunity for honest shoppers to see the available merchandise and increase sales!

If you would like to learn more about the Density Tag click here. If you would like to see a demo, call us today at 1-800-667-9199 (Western Canada), 1-800-667-3390 (Eastern Canada), 1-514-603-3390 (Québec). There are no strings attached!



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