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  Product Feature of the Week: Peg Hooks  

   By :  Tina
    Jul 04, 2018    Views: 682

Having trouble securing your merchandise on peg hooks?

Merchandise displayed on peg hooks is susceptible to theft and something called “sweeping” theft.  This is when a bad guy steals all the items off the hook in a quick sweeping motion.

 Losses can be huge when thieves can quickly steal significant amounts of product off of display hooks. Displaying your pegged merchandise on commodity non secure hooks invites this kind of theft. Sometimes, you may not even know it happened and customers come to find an empty hook with no products! This is the worst case scenario as you have lost the product to theft and the sale to the shopper. 


Halo Metrics has many solutions to enhance your existing hooks, or replace them with added security to help retailers #PreventTheft in their stores.

The Locking Peg Hook – Locks into your peg board and prevents removal of the merchandise off the hook. Customers can still examine the product and be able to read the packaging. Once they have made a buying decision they can request assistance from staff. This allows staff to upsell and assist a customer that is guaranteed of buying that product.


The Locking Peg Hook with Moveable Stop – Locks into your peg board, but allows you to leave 1-2 products for customers to take. This is a great solution for retailers who have limited staff and are comfortable with exposing a small amount of product on display. But have enough staff to regularly walk through the aisles and release product from time to time.


The Anti-Sweep Locking Peg Hook – Locks into your peg board, but slows down the removal of merchandise displayed. The aggressive bend at the front of the hook prevents thieves from quickly sweeping products off the hook. Slowing down potential theft is also a great deterent!

The Peg Hook Lock – Clips onto your existing hook to prevent unauthorized product removal off the hook. It requires assistance from the staff when a customer needs a product off the hook. This product provides an economical way to provide some level of security to an exisiting fixture.


The Peg Hook Plunger Lock with Label – Clips onto your existing hooks to prevent unauthorized product removal. You can create your own message or add your logos to the hooks to keep your branding consistent. This is a heavy duty lock made from commercial grade metal.


Contact us for free sample or demonstration of any of these secure hook solutions! 1-800-667-9199 (Western Canada), 1-800-667-3390 (Eastern Canada), 1-514-603-3390 (Québec). 


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