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  The World’s First & ONLY Wireless Display Security System!  

   By :  Ravinder
    Aug 31, 2016    Views: 4664
Shopping in most electronics or smart phone stores often involves a familiar hassle: You can’t really examine the product you like because it’s tethered to a corded alarm. Want to see if a phone fits in your pocket? You can’t because the cord won’t reach. Want to carry the product to another display to comparison shop? You’re likely to set off the store alarm and send the sales team into a tizzy. But what if that pesky tethered system were no more?
What if it were replaced with a digital solution that offered security, analytics and a whole lot more?
What if retail security systems were in essence, reborn?
Genesis Wireless is the answer. Halo Metrics is proud to be the exclusive Canadian source for the world’s first and  only wireless display security system that also provides instant informational analytics to retailers and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The small change from tethered to wireless IoT  (Internet of Things) technology makes retail security a resource for countless business and analytics benefits never before available.
Here are just a few ways Genesis redefines retail:
1) Improved customer experience
  • Before Genesis: Alarms were permanently attached to display products. These traditional security systems were cumbersome and intrusive to the customer shopping experience. Additionally, they provided no useful data or analytics.
  • With Genesis: Genesis is a far less cumbersome security system. It has small wireless attachments that generate an audio alarm when the device leaves a geo-fenced perimeter around the display. Customers can now move around the store, test the feel of a device in their pocket, compare products side by side, and connect the product with either wearable or other bluetooth devices
2) Customer behavior analytics
Genesis provides a wealth of useful information about customer and retail shopping trends. The data provided by Genesis tells retailers how  many times a product is picked up by consumers (“lifts”) as well how long the product is held (“dwell time”). With this lift and dwell-time data retailers can:
  • Track customer interest 
  • Compare customer interest against sales
  • Predict peak times to manage personnel accordingly
  • Compare data across products and between stores 
  • Identify products that aren’t selling and boost related employee training
  • Improve marketing and product placement
  • Spend the advertising budget appropriately
3) New revenue streams
Genesis’s data on customer behavior is valuable to the product’s manufacturer. Additionally, the company or retailer could market that data to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
Contact your local Halo Metrics representative to learn more about Genesis Wireless.  See how Boost Mobile is using Genesis https://vimeo.com/236974867

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