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  Thief thinks he has it all figured out!  

   By :  Ravinder
    Dec 10, 2015    Views: 2633
Troy believes he is a professional thief who last year unsuccessfully tried to steal all the items from his Christmas wish list.  He is better equipped this year and is out to try again.  Will he succeed?  Watch the video below as he visits a local retailer and tries to defeat the security devices he encounters as he attempts to get what he deserves!
Halo Metrics has launched several new solutions this year and there is more to come in 2016.  For more information and a preview of what is coming click the links below:
S3Verified - Coming in 2016 S3 Verified is a uniquely coded detacher that alarms when a thief tries to use a counterfeit key to remove security devices. 
Smart Sense - Smart Sense Touch works within the Smart Response system and alerts staff to respond to activity in the store.
Wireless Alarm - Truly an innovation for an untethered and interactive shopping experience.  The Wireless system uses a proximity sensor to keep product in a safe bubble close to the display.

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