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Help Buttons
Promptly providing shoppers with desired personal assistance promotes shopper satisfaction that increases conversions, builds tickets, and promotes customer loyalty. Wireless Shopper Help Buttons, Kiosk Assistance & Malfunction notifications allows the staff to be aware of many situations at all times.
Smart Response Infographic
Overview of Smart Response
Smart Sense Solution Suite
Want to know more about the Smart Sense solution which includes the Smart Sense Dwell and Smart Sense Touch? After this video, you will gain more knowledge about the solution!
Smart Sense Touch
Mount a wireless Touch module on a store fixture and it senses merchandise movement on any shelf or peg hook anywhere on that fixture. It then triggers notifications ranging from possible interest in high value merchandise to suspected sweeps.
SmartFit allows you and your team to effectively and efficiently build sales and reduce shrink at fitting rooms by three key ways. Occupancy Awareness. Inspection Compliance. Shopper assistance.
SmartFit and TrueView
Fitting rooms can be messy. We can help improve your fitting rooms!
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