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AnyPhone & AnyTab Interactive
The AnyTab or AnyPhone Interactive display solution is able to securely protect tablets on display and also allow the consumer to have a full interactive experience with the device.
Displays and protects all types of products.
Outdoor Alarm
This mobile, weatherproof, audible alarm unit can secure items in any scenario or location. It’s the perfect solution to secure items in outdoor areas like: storefronts (barbecue grills, tractors, boats), or indoor areas like warehouses where overstock items are kept. This system can even be extended to include many items in its security rung. Regardless of how your large items require theft protection, let our account managers help you to determine the perfect tethering and alarm solution for your application.
4 Port Alarm Solution for all your needs! Small, Convenient, Protects up to 4 Products on Display
Quadro with Loop Sensor
How to use the loop sensor with the Quadro.
RK Dome
The Power and Alarm Dome is able to charge and alarm your products through a single cable. This Dome can be activated and disarmed above the counter at your convenience. The bracket is able to hold and display your device without damaging the screen. This product is available in either black or white.
Showcasing various sensor options such as: Clamp sensor, Swivel USB Sensor, Loop Sensor, Square Sensor, Tube Sensor, Tube with Jacket Sensor and more.
Solo UC
The Solo UC is a versatile power and alarm solution designed with your displays in mind. This allows your products to be the spotlight of your displays without the security getting in the way. The Solo UC is equipped with the QuickConnect USB technology. By simply plugging in your products USB OEM cable, it can be powered and alarmed within seconds.
Solo USB
The Solo USB is a compact above counter, power & alarm solution. This device can protect products in less than 30 seconds. It will power the latest USB products with ease. The Solo USB has a streamlined key interface for a fast and simple user experience. With a built-in cable management option, it allows you to have a neat display. It includes a maintenance free rechargeable backup battery. An initial alarm installation setup is required.
The Stage
The Stage is the ideal customizable solution for fragrance testers. Retractable tethers help keeps your fragrances organized in perfect placement and visually appealing to your customers. The Stage offers a top to bottom solution that secures, organizes, and offers a full consumer experience.
The Stage Bar
The Stage Bar can be custom made specifically for your stores look and feel. Front and back promotional displays lets you consolidate and brand a variety of fragrances all at once. From the color, number of SKUs to display, even the shape can be changed to fit your needs. This all in one fixture is the perfect promotional or seasonal displayer to advertise your latest fragrances.
Trailer Tie-in Alarm
The TTI is your immediate response solution to trailer theft. Secure unattended merchandise trailers overnight with our trailer theft deterrent & response solution, the TTI: Trailer Tie-In. So easy to operate, anyone can do it! Just feed the heavy duty tamper resistant cable through the I.C. bar or door handle of the trailer and connect to the main TTI unit. Do the same for a second trailer if necessary. Visibility of system provides a high level of deterrence and if cables are tampered with or unplugged from the main TTI unit, your alarm company will be notified immediately - saving valuable response time.
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