Halo Metrics provides retail security solutions that protect the shopping experience.

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About Us

The name Halo Metrics describes our history in loss prevention, our evolution to merchandising, and the revolution towards protecting the total consumer experience.

The term Halo for our company is based in our roots of loss prevention. Our solutions deliver positive results in the protection of merchandise while allowing customer interaction. A Halo is a positive force that provides protection that you can’t always see. With our solutions Halo makes space for good consumers and protects their experience.

When we suggest a solution we always propose testing to verify the return on your investment. Our solutions have historically provided measurable reduction in shrinkage and/or a lift in sales. Metrics is the key to our future of consumer experience protection. Our goal is to measure “the experience” and then deliver solutions that enhance and protect that experience.

Halo Metrics is a leading provider of retail security solutions that protect the consumer shopping experience.  Our security solutions prevent theft while allowing honest shoppers full access to merchandise on display.  

In business in Canada since 1988, Halo Metrics has grown to become a leading source for Canadian retailers for merchandising and loss prevention solutions.  Our strengths include our infrastructure. We have direct representation in four provinces, Eastern and Western based stocking warehouses, and bi-lingual English and French support.  We cover all of Canada and can easily support our National and Regional customers.

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