Michael Gelinas Lacombe

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November 27 2017

Sports Experts, Atmosphère and Hockey Experts Boulevard des Récollets Trois-Rivières

This is to show our satisfaction with the anti-theft system sold by Halo Metrics.

This very compact and easy-to-use system can be installed almost anywhere in the store. This allows us to ensure that all of our more expensive coats are protected from theft. It is now more than 3 seasons that we use the anti-theft solution. Although we encountered some minor system faults initially, the company did not hesitate to replace the problematic modules quickly. We are more than happy with the investment. Service with the company or with its representative Mr. Claude Lemire is always fast and professional.

Following our satisfaction with the implementation of the system in our store Boulevard Recollets, we bought this system for our second store freshly renovated. I recommend this investment to you too.

Thank you,

Michael Gelinas Lacombe

Manager and buyer

Brunelle Group


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