Andre Gelinas - IT Project Manager

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As part of a large scale upgrade to our POS systems we required a cost effective quality security solution for two different types of PIN Pad terminals being installed in each of our locations throughout our chain of stores. 
I selected Halo Metrics as the security vendor for this project because they met our requirements for price, quality, and customization.  Representatives from Halo Metrics made special trips to our Calgary offices to meet with our team representing various business segments to finalize a custom designed solution to protect the PIN Pad terminals.  Their ability to meet the needs of our diverse group of stakeholders was impressive.
Our logistical needs were quite demanding as well.  We required a large quantity of custom solutions delivered within a short period of time.  The product had to arrive in very specific intervals with a varying mix of solutions shipped to different locations at each stage of delivery.  The complicated deployment of the new POS systems with the customized security solutions from Halo Metrics was completed on time and with no issues.  
I would not hesitate to recommend Halo Metrics for their impressive level of service, attention to detail, and quality of customized security solutions.
Andre Gelinas
IT Project Manager for large grocery chain

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