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Queue Safe:

Checkout Line Management

Cost efficient and self installs in minutes!

CU5300 HS Control Unit

  • Simply power up and plug into the HDMI port of your monitor
  • You can velcro or adhesive mount to the back of the monitor
  • Self - Installs in minutes
  • Unit is preprogrammed from the factory

$1307.33 each

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CB965 Cashier Call Button

  • Each button is pre-programmed to correspond to the checkout aisle number
  • Adhesive mount to flat surface near cashier
  • Self - Installs in seconds

$290.03 each

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For over 30 Years Halo Metrics Has Earned the Trust of Retailers Across Canada!

"Queue Safe was installed in minutes and immediately
enabled our cashiers to safely manage the checkout
lane. The Halo team was great through this process
and I highly recommend this solution.”

Paul Wilson

General Manager
Canadian Tire #622

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