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Halo Metrics uses the latest in sensor technology and display security to create an uninterrupted shopping experience for the consumer while enabling an open sell retail environment.


The in-store experience is enhanced when shoppers can interact with merchandise on display. This includes the ability to get their hands on live merchandise without anything impeding this interaction. Is theft an issue in this new world of retailing? Of course it is. Halo Metrics helps retailers find the balance between shopper experience and asset protection.

Some things to consider when finding the right display security solution:

  • 1. What is the ideal shopper experience for the merchandise you are displaying?
  • 2. Does the product need to be powered up to demonstrate it properly?
  • 3. What level of security is required for the merchandise?
  • 4. How will the security work with the display fixture?
  • 5. How easy is it to change the item on display with the security solution?

Your answers to these questions will guide you to the correct solution. Our retail display security options include security for phones, tablet security, and security cables for retail products such as apparel. Browse our selection below to find the solution you need.

Can’t find what you are looking for? We can customize a solution that fits your needs. Please contact your local Halo Metrics sales representative to learn more.

I am co-owner of this store. Since the last 3 seasons, we protect our expensive coats with a cable system sold by Halo Metrics. This Quadro alarm module can protect 4 coats: cables with a clip at the length of 6 feet - giving customers the opportunity to try the coats freely without the need of a consultant. This way the customer is comfortable, and the coats are protected against shoplifting.

I am more than satisfied with the product, and we can recommend this solution to counter shoplifting, especially expensive coats. I would like to add that the after-sales service is superior. You can trust Halo Metrics, a company that has several solutions for retail businesses!

Vincent Papineau, co-owner, Sports Expert

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