Security Mirrors


Do you have blind spots in your retail store? Increase visibility with a lightweight acrylic convex mirror!


Convex Mirrors

Security mirrors and domes add that extra layer of security and these can be used to keep everyone safe in high-risk areas! Halo Metrics has a series of security mirrors with different styles, high reflectivity, 20% higher than glass, and shatter resistant! If you don’t see a mirror that fits your needs, feel free to reach out to us!

Why choose Security Mirrors?

  • • Offer a view from blind spots (behind obstacles, aisles, shelves of merchandise)
  • • Available in multiple sizes for various environments
  • • Provide safety around corners and wall intersections

Mirrors and Domes

Security mirrors and domes help combat theft and elevate the views from different angles inside of a building. Retail environments often use security mirrors and domes. Why? Because these spaces a typically larger than normal with various areas within the building that cannot be monitored at all times. However, these security mirrors and domes are also used in:

  • • Convenience stores and gas stations
  • • Pharmacies
  • • Educational Institutions
  • • Prisons and high-security facilities
  • • Medical facilities
  • • Theatres and other entertainment venues

Why choose Security Domes?

  • • Mount to ceilings easily
  • • Allow visibility between aisles in retail environments
  • • Give a 360-degree view from overhead.

Security Mirrors Product Catalogue

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