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Whether to assist sales staff or act as a standalone kiosk tablets are a vital business asset. Do you need a way to protect, display or use tablets as a kiosk? Halo Metrics has the answer for you!


The Basic Line offers a cost-effective way to deploy public-facing tablet computers.

The Basic Kiosk Line can support multiple tablets, including iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, Android, and Windows tablets.

It is best suited for installations where you will setup the kiosk once without requiring the user to adjust the tilt of the head.

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Pro Tablet Kiosk Line:

Featuring Patented MagDOCK Technology
The Pro line offers the increased functionality of the patented MagDOCK with user-operated tilt and a locking, docking mechanism that enables:

  • • Quick setup and teardown. No cables to connect or screws to fiddle with - drop the head on the mount and it starts charging.
  • • Turnkey solutions. Ensure assisted selling, zero downtime and quick tablet access – simply turn the key to dock and undock the head unit.
  • • Accessible pairing. Connect an iPad Air, iPad Mini, iPad Pro, Android, or Windows tablet – all head types support a variety of tablets.

If you will be setting up and taking down your kiosks regularly (for example - when attending tradeshows or events) or require user-operated tilt for ADA or accessibility reasons, we recommend our Pro line of kiosks with the advanced MagDOCK locking dock.

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What is a MagDOCK?

With the turn of a key the head unit easily detaches for assisted selling, maintenance or access to the tablet. Dock the head unit in portrait or landscape orientation and pass-through power automatically begins to charge the tablet, no cables to connect! This is MagDock and it is available only with Pro Line Table Kiosk solutions.


The HD Lockdown was designed to provide a high level of security for your merchandise without compromising consumer interaction. Our patent pending HD Lockdown solution encourages the customer to interact with the device while integrating a high level of security. The sleek but sturdy solution is adjustable to protect most tablets including iPads.

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