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   By :  Tina
    Nov 09, 2018 12:20 PM

Black Friday is on November 23, 2018 and is the busiest shopping day of the year because it kicks off the holiday season! This is “crucial for the economy because around 30 percent of the annual retail sales occur between Black Friday and Christmas.”

shoppers black fridayBeing a smart shopper means Canadians are taking advantage of Black Friday to do their Christmas shopping. With that being said, Canadian Retailers need to actively offer deals or their competitors will. They also need to “promote the benefits of shopping in Canada on Black Friday.”

Organized Retail Crime -  2 Girls Stealing

Unfortunately, not all shoppers are honest shoppers. Retailers need to create a positive shopping experience, but also prevent theft from happening right under their nose! Halo Metrics has many solutions that help you create this positive experience without turning it into something negative. These solutions include Spider Wraps, CableLoks, Locking Peg Hooks, and more. They help maximize display opportunities while protecting your profits!

Halo Metrics is also joining the Black Friday and Holiday Season with an “End-of-the-year” sale!

  1. Buy 4 cases of Spider Wraps or CableLoks and receive 1 case free (of equal or lesser value)!
  2. For every carton of 25 hooks purchased, receive 100 free blister tags and also receive 15% off the hooks!
  3. Getting started with visitor analytics (3x3 promo) – Halo Metrics has put together a special offer that makes it easy to capture benchmark data for multiple stores with our Ripple Visitor Analytics solution so that you can quickly create actions to improve your business!

Call us today to take advantage of the promotion and start preventing theft while protecting your profits! 

   By :  Tina
    Oct 15, 2018 05:16 PM
On October 17th, 2018, Cannabis will be legal across Canada. According to the Department of Justice (2018), adults who are 19 years of age or older (except for Quebec and Alberta where it will be 18) would be legally allowed to:
possess up to 30 grams of legal cannabis, dried or equivalent in non-dried form in public
share up to 30 grams of legal cannabis with other adults
buy dried or fresh cannabis and cannabis oil from a provincially-licensed retailer
in provinces and territories without a regulated retail framework, individuals would be able to purchase cannabis online from federally-licensed producers
grow, from licensed seed or seedlings, up to 4 cannabis plants per residence for personal use
make cannabis products, such as food and drinks, at home as long as organic solvents are not used to create concentrated products

What does this mean for Cannabis Retailers or in the Supply Chain?

Start thinking about theft and tampering issues before they happen! Theft happens often in Cannabis dispensaries like the one in East Vancouver or in Shannonville Ontario. Whether you’re in the supply chain or retailing for Cannabis, we have the right security solution for you!

EAS Systems:

Halo Metrics is the official Master Distributor of Checkpoint Systems within Canada. These antennas are aesthetically pleasing for your retail environment and they have a robust design! When placed at your doors, these antennas would go off when someone tries to leave your store with an EAS product such as Keepers, Spider Wraps, or EAS Labels.
Cannabis Protected in a Keeper
Keepers are designed to provide locking protection with great visual display. The patented magnetic lock is ultra-secure but quick and easy to open by sales associates! You can use the keepers to display the cannabis packages or other goodies that may be a high-theft item.
Spider Wraps:
Boxed Cannabis secured with Spider Wraps
Spider Wraps are great for securely cinching your boxed merchandise for increased security. These maximize display opportunities – allowing you to sell more on-the-floor! 
EAS Labels:
EAS Labels are small and easy to detect when passed between RF-EAS antennas. These labels offer a standard level of EAS protection as a basic, lower-cost option. These can go on almost anything that needs protection. With many sizes and styles available, we are sure to have the right EAS Label to meet your needs! 
  Ratchet Lock on Display Showcase
Do your keys keep breaking in your lock? Could your key management system be better? Changing locks can be quite expensive! We can help you eliminate locksmith charges with our extremely competitive pricing for locks that are durable and made with quality! With our KRC line, you can change the core yourself to get a different key code! With many durable locks available in our inventory, we are positive in helping you find the best lock for your showcase displays! 
Or maybe you don’t need security solutions, but need a way to organize and somewhat secure your displays. We have solutions that allow retailers to securely display their merchandise electronically or samples!
Cannabis Container on a Cordwinder DisplayCannabis Display
Cordwinders help secure, organize, and display your products. With multiple cable sizes and various mounting options, we can meet your custom needs! We have solutions that protect. The Cordwinder will help you securely and neatly display your cannabis display in the way you desire! 
HD Lockdown with Tablet on Cannabis Website
Our HD Lockdown solution allows retailers to display their tablets securely during the day. The superior mechanical design allows sales associate to easily remove the device at store closing. With our innovative mechanics, sales associates are able to lock the device back into place the next day without a day. Shoppers will be able to browse your products electronically while you are at ease from the thought of someone trying to steal your tablet while you are occupied with something else. 
The Lilitab has many styles available. There are a lot of face configurations that expose the home button and front facing camera in any combination. You can have a stand or display it on a counter. All of the cables are concealed inside the Lilitab head unit and mount for a clean display. You don’t need to worry about your tablet being damaged with these security solutions as there are silicone pads inside the head unit to cradle your tablet against bumps and drops! Whatever style you wish to design your space, the lilitab is able to customize it the way you want it! 
With security in place, thieves are less likely to target your store. Protect your profits with our solution and you will see your profits getting high! Call us today to receive a quote or to learn more about our solutions that will help you protect theft in your cannabis Store! Western Canada: 1-800-667-9199 || Eastern Canada: 1-800-667-3390

   By :  Tina
    Oct 01, 2018 12:17 PM

Retail Council of Canada puts on it's industry conference for Canadian Retailers in the loss prevention profession called #RCCSECURE18 on September 20th 

The Halo Metrics team was at the event showcasing our latest technology such : Genesis Wireless with Brictech, Mobi, Peg Hook Alert, and more.

During the conference we were able sit in on Brett Walker (Regional Loss Prevention Manager, Signet Jewelers) and Andrew Quibell’s (Detective, Financial Crimes Unit, York Regional Police) presentation on Credit Card Fraud: Detection and Management. Together, they shared insights on how to recognize the signs of credit card fraud and how to protect against it. Here is some of what we learned.




From identity theft to credit card theft, they discussed the importance of protecting your personal information and how you can protect yourself while using these credit cards. The most popular methods to obtain identification are from:

  1. Purchasing from Businesses
  2. Purchasing from International Travelers
  3. Hacking
  4. Skimming
  5. Synthetic Drivers Licenses and Identities

What’s skimming?

According to the information shared in the presentation, credit card skimming is a type of credit card theft where crooks use a small device to steal credit card information in an otherwise legitimate credit or debit card transaction. These typically occur at a gas station, restaurant, or even the gym! This is why you need to know where you shop because you can be a victim quite fast if the terminal is a skimmer. How it works is when a credit or debit card is swiped through a swimmer, the device captures and stores all the details stored in the card’s magnetic stripe. From the presentation, we learned that the stripe contains the credit card number and expiration date and the credit card holder’s full name. As a result, thieves use the stolen data to make fraudulent charges either online or with a counterfeit credit card.

You may think that as long as you don’t lose your wallet, all of your information is secured. False! You are exposed to potential hacking and skimming whenever you are using your credit card – especially at gas stations and ATMs. Andrew & Brett mentioned that when you are using an ATM at a bank, it is better to use the ATM that’s inside the bank rather than the drive-thru. Here are a few tips on how you can spot a credit card skimming device:

1)    A credit card reader that sticks out far past the panel.


2)    A security seal that has been voided.

3)    A PIN Pad that’s thicker than normal.


Retailers need to help consumers by protecting their POS terminals while meeting the PCI Compliance. If PIN Pads are left out in the open, it is more likely to be swapped by a credit card skimmer and shoppers are at risk!  

 Use the PCI Security Standard’s self-assessment questionnaire to see what your vulnerability score is. Halo Metrics provide a free PIN Pad Theft Prevention Kit to get your security program started. We have a variety of PIN Pad brackets that help you meet the PCI Compliance but also work conveniently for you and the shopper. We have brackets that tilt and swivel to allow better access for shoppers that need a little assistance. Contact us today for your free PIN Pad Theft Prevention Kit or to start protecting your POS Terminals right away!

Western Canada: 1-800-667-9199

Eastern Canada: 1-800-667-3390

Quebec: 1-514-603-3390


   By :  Tina
    Sep 14, 2018 07:04 PM

Halo Metrics announces new President

Richmond, BC, Release: September 10, 2018. For Immediate Release

Cheryl Gillott, owner of Halo Metrics, has appointed John Petruskavich as the new President of the company effective immediately.

Petruskavich is a 20-year veteran of Halo Metrics and since late 2006 has served as Vice President of Sales, Marketing, & Operations. Under Petruskavich’s leadership Halo has strategically expanded its brand portfolio bringing it closer to its vision of revolutionizing the retail and consumer experience.

 Cheryl Gillott will step back from the day to day operations of the business and will focus on new strategic initiatives.   

 “I believe John Petruskavich’s leadership experience coupled with his strategic thinking and proven ability to deliver results make him the right person to execute Halo Metrics strategic priorities and drive our growth going forward” commented Cheryl Gillott, CEO of Halo Metrics.


“I am excited and honoured to take on this role and look forward to working with our talented senior leadership team to deliver on our vision and help accelerate the strategic actions we’ve outlined to expand our growth,” said Petruskavich.


Image: à gauche: Cheryl Gillott, Owner & CEO || à droite: John Petruskavich, President

About Halo Metrics Inc. (www.halometrics.com)

In business in Canada since 1988, Halo Metrics has grown to become a leading source for Canadian retailers seeking technology to improve the in-store shopping experience while preventing shoplifting related theft. The solution range includes technology that delivers actionable insights about the in-store customer journey, behaviour and experience. Halo Metrics has offices in major centres across Canada with full bilingual English and French technical and sales support.  

Twitter: @halometrics

   By :  Tina
    Sep 12, 2018 02:57 PM

It’s the most wonderful time of the year … Reconnecting with familiar faces at the RCC Secure Conference being held at the Toronto International Centre or meeting new faces on September 20, 2018! We are always so excited to show you some new innovative and exciting solutions to enhance or protect your retail stores! With #RCCSECURE18’s being fraud protection, data security, and loss prevention – you bet we’re on the ball with loss prevention! On another note: we’ll be giving away a full IAI Certified Forensic Interviewer Scholarship! Be sure to visit our booth #17 for your chance to win. We’ll also be having an after-party at Canyon Creek (Sept 20)! To RSVP, send an e-mail with your name, company, and if you’ll be bringing anyone (click here).


This year we have new and improved solutions to protect your boxed merchandise from being pilfered or stolen. These solutions include: StrapLok and Density Tag. The StrapLok protects nylon strapped boxes from being cut and pilfered. Come by our booth and we can give you a live demo! The Density tag senses the presence of the product through the box and if the item is removed from the box, the change in measured density will trigger an alarm! Talk about smart!

Come by and ask about our new peg and shelf merchandise solution! We have a variety of hooks to meet your needs: locking peg hook, locking peg hook with peg stop, peg hook plunger lock, and peg hook lock.

If you’re just as excited about the new solutions, read on to find out a little sneak peek on our new peg and shelf solution!

The Peg Hook Pro is the latest hook solution that allows you to detect out of stock directly at the shelf and will send you this information in real time to the store’s communication device. It has a built-in slow-feed function meaning shoppers can only remove one product at a time! It also recognizes product removals and will beep and signal an alarm when a potential theft occurs. The beep itself has proven to deter opportunistic and professional shoplifters from stealing! WOW!





We also have some great new apparel security solutions: NeedleLok, Mini NeedleLok, and OptiLok. These solutions would go with your high-theft apparel items and would not leave a mark on your delicate fabric. The latest sunglasses protection has a rubber grip to prevent any scratches on your high end sunglasses.


By having tethers, clamps, or displaying dummy electronics, honest consumers cannot experience the product the way the brand or the retailer intended.   So is there a way for shoppers to interact with these new technologies without restriction and yet secured from theft?


Yes!! Halo Metrics has exclusively launched BricTech for all retailers in Canada. Now with BricTech you have the option of a software only protection solution or you can combine BricTech with our wireless Genesis Display alarm solution.  Either way you can forget the ugly restraints! Come by our booth to see a live demo of the Genesis Wireless Display + BricTech.

Do you have a showcase display that requires a lock? Does your key keep breaking in the lock? Do you want to turn your existing key into a smart AI key?

We have some great affordable locks and a new AI solution that will turn your existing key into something more than just a mechanical key! Too curious to know what this solution is? I’ll give you a little sneak peek. We take your existing mechanical key and apply it to the Mobi™ case. 





 When Mobi™ is inserted in any lock with matching key and core, it wirelessly transmits its secure data to a digital IP/CCTV or analog camera.




 Then the camera captures the data and stores the video record and audit trail for time, date, and lock ID. Now you’ll know how often the display is opened, who opened it, and more. 

   By :  Tina
    Jul 25, 2018 01:32 PM

Summer is officially here and the amazing sunny weather is here to stay! With that being said, there’s more desire to buy summer-appropriate attire. According to Olivia Perez, the “July Hit List” consists of solid colored bathing suits, drawstring dresses, silk shirts, Alain Mikli Le Matin Sunglasses, LOQ Xavi Sandals and more.

The popularity of these products is not only sought by honest shoppers, but also cunning thieves! It’s great for these retailers to have these popular products, but they would also be targeted by thieves who would try to steal these desirable items and resell it to the underground market. This scenario damages the retailers and also hurts the honest shoppers’ experience. Why? Because now the retailers need to make up for their loss. As a result, items may be marked up higher than usual.

We don’t want that to happen to the retailers or to the shoppers! Halo Metrics has the solution to help retailers #PreventTheft in their stores today.


To protect bathing suits, drawstring dresses, or silk shirts, our latest solution, the Mini Needlelok is designed specifically for thin and delicate clothing materials. The tag uses a sharp needle that does not leave behind a visible mark after being removed! It will be easier to manage by associates as it is just a single-piece tag with an integrated needle (vs. multiple components). There is also a retractable button that covers and protects the needle (for safety concerns)!


  • Fine apparel
  • Intimates
  • Light and thin fabric garments
  • Swim wear
  • Athletic wear

To protect the Alain Mikli Le Matin Sunglasses, the Optilok is the ultimate solution to protect the hottest sunglasses and prescription wear. The Optilok provides durable construction with protective rubber pads that secure hold and protect the eyewear. With this solution, retailers don’t need to worry about their eyewear being scratched by a security tag. They will be at ease – especially as the natural color rubber pads increase friction to prevent defeat. On the plus side for associates at the retail store, the sledging wedge makes it quick for application and removal. Retailers can protect their eyewear with the Optilok and allow their shoppers to conveniently try it on without the tag being obtrusive! Double-whammy!


For more information about the Optilok, you can read about the product description (here). For more information about the Mini NeedleLok, you can read about the product description (here). If you prefer to talk to someone, give us a call today! (Western: 1-800-667-9199, Eastern: 1-800-667-3390, Quebec: 1-514-603-3390)

   By :  Tina
    Jul 10, 2018 04:18 PM

Real time shelf monitoring for out of stocks and alerts for theft attempts!

Smart Shelf is able to sense a product’s density and molecular make up with technology built right into the shelf.  Other technologies use video, weight sensors or RFID.  But with Smart Shelf you can simply place the product on the shelf and it recognizes what it is and tracks it for you with little configuration.  

How can Smart Shelf benefit you? 

1) Real-time inventory data with out of stock alerts
2) Ensure the right products are on the right shelf.  Plan-o-gram compliance! 
3) Integration with video and audio for in aisle theft alerts!
Smart Shelf tracks real time inventory and provides this data through a cloud based dashboard.  Alerts can be set for out-of-stock warnings and theft attempts. The system can recognize when a large quantity of product has been removed from a shelf in a short period of time.  This can trigger an audible “Customer assistance required” notification right in the aisle.  You will also be notified if the products have been mixed up on a shelf or if you are out of stock.  Remember that your POS data can’t tell you about out of stocks that occur because of theft!
You as a Retailer will be able to monitor customer engagement, configure plan-o-grams in the software, and the best part yet, no there is no need for additional tagging or sensors on the products! You just need to simply place the products directly onto the display! This solution has many actionable alerts and insights such as: out of stock alerts, shopper/customer engagement retail analytics, product trend analysis, notifications through a communication method, video verified planogram compliance and more! 

It works!

A supermarket chain is currently using the Smart Shelf in their stores. They were able to prevent sweeping theft and also caught the action on video. In six months, their baby formula sales increased by 16% and shrinkage reduced by 74%!

 “The results of the initial offender interviews for the Smart Shelf solution were positive receiving our highest scores for “Get It” and “Fear It”. We look forward to additional testing and research as this Smart Pad solution is deployed by more retailers in the coming months. It has long been known that associate interaction is one of the best deterrents to theft. This solution’s unique ability to alert store personnel and potential thieves in real time while theft activity is occurring at the shelf is worth consideration.” – Dr. Read Hayes, Director, Loss Prevention Research Council. 

If you would like to learn more about the Smart Shelf (click here), watch a video (click here), or see a demo; call us today at 1-800-667-9199 (Western Canada), 1-800-667-3390 (Eastern Canada), 1-514-603-3390 (Québec). 

   By :  Tina
    Jul 04, 2018 06:50 PM

Having trouble securing your merchandise on peg hooks?

Merchandise displayed on peg hooks is susceptible to theft and something called “sweeping” theft.  This is when a bad guy steals all the items off the hook in a quick sweeping motion.

 Losses can be huge when thieves can quickly steal significant amounts of product off of display hooks. Displaying your pegged merchandise on commodity non secure hooks invites this kind of theft. Sometimes, you may not even know it happened and customers come to find an empty hook with no products! This is the worst case scenario as you have lost the product to theft and the sale to the shopper. 


Halo Metrics has many solutions to enhance your existing hooks, or replace them with added security to help retailers #PreventTheft in their stores.

The Locking Peg Hook – Locks into your peg board and prevents removal of the merchandise off the hook. Customers can still examine the product and be able to read the packaging. Once they have made a buying decision they can request assistance from staff. This allows staff to upsell and assist a customer that is guaranteed of buying that product.


The Locking Peg Hook with Moveable Stop – Locks into your peg board, but allows you to leave 1-2 products for customers to take. This is a great solution for retailers who have limited staff and are comfortable with exposing a small amount of product on display. But have enough staff to regularly walk through the aisles and release product from time to time.


The Anti-Sweep Locking Peg Hook – Locks into your peg board, but slows down the removal of merchandise displayed. The aggressive bend at the front of the hook prevents thieves from quickly sweeping products off the hook. Slowing down potential theft is also a great deterent!

The Peg Hook Lock – Clips onto your existing hook to prevent unauthorized product removal off the hook. It requires assistance from the staff when a customer needs a product off the hook. This product provides an economical way to provide some level of security to an exisiting fixture.


The Peg Hook Plunger Lock with Label – Clips onto your existing hooks to prevent unauthorized product removal. You can create your own message or add your logos to the hooks to keep your branding consistent. This is a heavy duty lock made from commercial grade metal.


Contact us for free sample or demonstration of any of these secure hook solutions! 1-800-667-9199 (Western Canada), 1-800-667-3390 (Eastern Canada), 1-514-603-3390 (Québec). 

   By :  admin
    Jun 27, 2018 07:22 PM

The Ripple Effect - Halo Metrics launches Ripple 2.0—a multi-store reporting tool that combines traffic and sales data for a holistic view of the in-store customer journey by Sean C. Tarry 

ACCORDING to Halo Metrics, retailers that use sales transactions as a proxy to measure visitor traffic are underestimating their numbers on average by 90 per cent. To help retailers combat the problem, the company introduced Ripple Metrics in early 2017—a software solution that allows users to capture actionable insights about the in-store customer journey. Ripple’s insights inform retailers around things like store layout and design and the placement of promotional displays, allow them to track the performance of marketing events, and optimize the scheduling of staff, all in an effort to improve the shopper experience while increasing sales.
Response among Ripple users has been extremely positive thus far, says Ravinder Sangha, Halo Metrics’ Marketing Manager. And now, just a year after launching Ripple, the company has released 
Ripple 2.0, an improved iteration of the software that includes new features to augment the already beneficial software tool. “Ripple 2.0 is where traffic and sales data meet with multistore reporting,” says Sangha. “Not only can we see how customers move throughout the store. But we can now also directly see the impact on sales, conversion and basket size.”
With Ripple 2.0, conversion is calculated based on Halo Metrics’ TRUcount of traffic coming into the store against transaction counts. Sales conversion can drill down to a product category as well. For example, of all the shoppers that came into a store on a given day, the retailer can easily determine
how many visitors purchased items from a single category.
“The metrics become Key Performance Indicators for the business,” says Sangha. “And now, with our multi-store reporting, senior level managers can see at a glance how their stores are performing across multiple stores within a region or across the company.”

Customer experience game-changer

And, as the performance of brick-and-mortar stores continue to come under scrutiny by some analysts within the industry, understanding the evolution of today’s consumer is essential in determining how to appeal to their tastes and the right business strategies to employ to meet those objectives.
“Despite what some out there might be saying, it’s important to have a brick-and-mortar presence.,” Sangha explains. “It’s becoming critical to use your brick-and-mortar store to deliver memorable and sharable in-store experiences. But how do you measure the success of these initiatives? Sales alone will not inform you of how successful your work was.”
Whether thinking of improving the store layout, strategically placing promotional displays, or hosting special in-store events such as tastings, demos, or educational events, retailers can leverage Ripple 2.0 to help evaluate the impact of these efforts.
Another benefit of the software is in understanding better how customers move through each department within a store, the path they took to get there and their exit path. As a result, retailers using Ripple 2.0 are using this information to put high margin products on the popular paths of the shopper to improve sales. They’re also better able to schedule knowledgeable product category experts on staff during the peak traffic times within each department, benefitting from an instant lift in sales.

Case in point

To illustrate the benefits of Ripple, Sangha shared some of Halo Metrics’ case studies. And, in some instances, the benefits are so stark, Sangha says that for retailers using the software, “it’s often almost like shining a light in a dark corner.”
In one case, a liquor store that’s branded itself as a destination business carries a high-end selection of premium Scotches and Wines. Its staff is trained as Sommeliers. It does frequent tasting events, and regularly changes the unique selection of craft beer they have on display. It was surprising to the retailer to learn that 50 per cent of its traffic stayed in the store five minutes or less. Because it was catering to a large set of convenience customers that they didn’t even really realize they had, they immediately started to look at their store layout and product mix to maximize the sales from these convenience customers.
There’s no question that in the intensely competitive industry that is retail today, any advantage that a retailer can leverage will be beneficial to the business and to understanding ways to improve the overall customer experience. And, according to Sangha, Ripple is the tool that will help uncover those advantages.
“The insights from Ripple add a new dimension to your existing data,” he explains. “They inform the retailer, enhancing their view of what the instore customer journey truly is, allowing them to better serve the customer.”
After all, isn’t serving the customer better what retail is all about?
Retailers have enough data at their disposal. But, what do they do with it to develop a better, more holistic view of the customer. As Sangha points out, it can be overwhelming to disseminate all of it to find those meaningful insights—a bit like “trying to drink from a firehose” he says. However, retailers can manage the insights they glean using Ripple 2.0 by taking the following steps:
Continuously measure success: Senior level managers should be watching to see if the needle is moving in the right direction when it comes to the KPI’s generated by the Ripple dashboard.
Own initiatives: Managers from different parts of the business should take ownership of certain initiatives that Ripple provides actionable insights for. These include:
• Store layout and design and placement of promotional displays
• Marketing events and promotions
• Staff scheduling and optimization of labour
Review regularly: Meet to review results in these areas.
Halo Metrics connects monthly with retail customers to review insights and to provide suggestions on actions the business can take. It becomes a great partnership and makes it very easy for retailers to operationalize the data.
   By :  Tina
    Jun 27, 2018 05:39 PM
 A software lock that protects live devices from theft! 
Retailers selling consumer electronic devices such as smartphones, tablets and laptops have been challenged to display these products as live demo’s forever!  These are expensive items to put on display and yet putting any physical security on them can deter from the interactive shopping experience. By having tethers, clamps, or displaying dummy electronics, honest consumers cannot experience the product the way the brand or the retailer intended.   So is there a way for shoppers to interact with these new technologies without restriction and yet secured from theft?
Yes!! Halo Metrics has exclusively launched BricTech for all retailers in Canada. Now with BricTech you have the option of a software only protection solution or you can combine BricTech with our wireless Genesis Display alarm solution.  Either way you can forget the ugly restraints!
BricTech easily loads onto the live devices and creates an instant security feature that locks the product when it is disconnected from power or if it moves outside of the wireless Genesis alarm range.  It is NOT an app that the thief can delete. The software is an embedded technology that delivers the highest level of device protection. The device is made useless unless it is brought back to the retailer to unlock it.  
Now retailers can safely and securely display these live demo units in any creative way your store designers and merchandisers want without any physical security restrictions!

Coming soon!

Device planogram compliance: Retailers will gain access to a dashboard that allows them to see what devices are on display and feel confident that the devices are protected. This allows retailers to know what’s on display and where it is located at any given time!
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