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   By :  Ravinder
    Mar 25, 2017 06:24 AM
Retailing is a challenging business.  Customers can purchase products from you or your competitors anywhere and at any time.  Be it online or in your physical stores. But we know that shoppers still like to come in to a store to have their shopping experience.  They may want something quickly or want to touch and feel the product before they buy.  When they do remember that the quality of their experience will be a major factor in whether or not they make a purchase.
Everyone knows that customer service has to be great and we all strive to deliver the best experience possible. Sometimes technology can help.  Smart response is an in-store system that alerts staff when attention or assistance is required anywhere in the store.
An example of this is the strategic placement of Help Buttons within the store.  Now customers can quickly alert staff when they need help with something with a simple push of a button.  Smart Response measures how many times a button was pushed and how long it takes for a staff member to respond.  Wow! What a great way to measure staff performance!
One major retailer took the step to add a question to their online customer survey found on the sales receipts given to customers.  It simply asked “Did you use the Help Button?”  The retailer wanted to know if customers who used the Help Button system purchased more than other customers.
The answer was YES!  The receipts with the YES answer had an average transaction value that was $9 or 16% higher than the non-help button users.  

Great customer service is a competitive advantage.  Take a look this commercial from a major retailer highlighting their efforts in this area:
Now you can get the Smart Response system including Help Buttons and other sensors directly from Halo Metrics in Canada.  Visit our product page for more info or contact Halo Metrics to learn more. 
   By :  Ravinder
    Aug 31, 2016 06:22 AM
Shopping in most electronics or smart phone stores often involves a familiar hassle: You can’t really examine the product you like because it’s tethered to a corded alarm. Want to see if a phone fits in your pocket? You can’t because the cord won’t reach. Want to carry the product to another display to comparison shop? You’re likely to set off the store alarm and send the sales team into a tizzy. But what if that pesky tethered system were no more?
What if it were replaced with a digital solution that offered security, analytics and a whole lot more?
What if retail security systems were in essence, reborn?
Genesis Wireless is the answer. Halo Metrics is proud to be the exclusive Canadian source for the world’s first and  only wireless display security system that also provides instant informational analytics to retailers and the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). The small change from tethered to wireless IoT  (Internet of Things) technology makes retail security a resource for countless business and analytics benefits never before available.
Here are just a few ways Genesis redefines retail:
1) Improved customer experience
  • Before Genesis: Alarms were permanently attached to display products. These traditional security systems were cumbersome and intrusive to the customer shopping experience. Additionally, they provided no useful data or analytics.
  • With Genesis: Genesis is a far less cumbersome security system. It has small wireless attachments that generate an audio alarm when the device leaves a geo-fenced perimeter around the display. Customers can now move around the store, test the feel of a device in their pocket, compare products side by side, and connect the product with either wearable or other bluetooth devices
2) Customer behavior analytics
Genesis provides a wealth of useful information about customer and retail shopping trends. The data provided by Genesis tells retailers how  many times a product is picked up by consumers (“lifts”) as well how long the product is held (“dwell time”). With this lift and dwell-time data retailers can:
  • Track customer interest 
  • Compare customer interest against sales
  • Predict peak times to manage personnel accordingly
  • Compare data across products and between stores 
  • Identify products that aren’t selling and boost related employee training
  • Improve marketing and product placement
  • Spend the advertising budget appropriately
3) New revenue streams
Genesis’s data on customer behavior is valuable to the product’s manufacturer. Additionally, the company or retailer could market that data to the original equipment manufacturer (OEM).
Contact your local Halo Metrics representative to learn more about Genesis Wireless.  See how Boost Mobile is using Genesis https://vimeo.com/236974867
   By :  Ravinder
    Feb 18, 2016 06:24 AM
Have you been thinking about purchasing an EAS security system?  Well now is a great time to go ahead with one.  Halo Metrics has launched a special offer with something we are calling a Starter EAS System.  With the purchase of either a single P10 antenna (sometimes called a gate) or two QX antennas you will get 2000 x 410 soft labels, one case of Mini Spider Wraps, and one counter mounted detacher for FREE!!
Contact you local sales representative for more information.  Offer expires May 16, 2016.
   By :  Ravinder
    Jan 28, 2016 02:32 AM
Halo Metrics is proud to announce a new reseller agreement with Indyme Solutions to bring Smart Response technology to our customers. The agreement creates a relationship between two companies that have over 50 years of combined experience servicing retailers across North America and beyond.
Smart Response. It’s about instant awareness of urgent actionable events happening in your stores right now. Store teams with Smart Response instantly know when and where a shopper desires assistance, a cashier needs support, a perimeter door unexpectedly opens, a camera detects a suspicious event, and much more. It delivers real-time awareness resulting in prompt actions that build sales, reduce shrink, and increase the effectiveness of lean store teams.
Watch this video to learn more:

Smart Response activity reports uniquely quantify store-level qualitative execution by revealing such things as shopper assistance request frequency and response times. This chainwide information pinpoints stores with improvement opportunities and reveals operational and staffing change impacts.

Contact your local Halo Metrics representative to see a live demonstration of the system.  Or view the product range here.  
   By :  Tina
    Dec 24, 2015 09:17 AM
Thank you to all of our customers for your support in 2015!  Every year our President creatively puts together a Holiday Message based on a familiar theme.  Enjoy this years Holiday Opus from Cheryl Gillott!
Holiday Message 
   By :  Ravinder
    Dec 10, 2015 09:27 AM
Troy believes he is a professional thief who last year unsuccessfully tried to steal all the items from his Christmas wish list.  He is better equipped this year and is out to try again.  Will he succeed?  Watch the video below as he visits a local retailer and tries to defeat the security devices he encounters as he attempts to get what he deserves!
Halo Metrics has launched several new solutions this year and there is more to come in 2016.  For more information and a preview of what is coming click the links below:
S3Verified - Coming in 2016 S3 Verified is a uniquely coded detacher that alarms when a thief tries to use a counterfeit key to remove security devices. 
Smart Sense - Smart Sense Touch works within the Smart Response system and alerts staff to respond to activity in the store.
Wireless Alarm - Truly an innovation for an untethered and interactive shopping experience.  The Wireless system uses a proximity sensor to keep product in a safe bubble close to the display.
   By :  Ravinder
    Nov 27, 2015 03:35 PM
The New Global Retail Theft Barometer study has been released. The objective of this report is to understand shrinkage rates in four key regions, covering 24 countries, as well as the reasons for shrinkage and steps taken to prevent such loss. 
Key data points provided are as follows: 
• Average rate of shrinkage (in percentage terms) for the retail industry 
• Reasons for shrinkage: % internal theft, external theft, vendor theft, and administrative factors 
• Popular loss prevention solutions  
This year is the first year that participating retail loss prevention managers reported internal theft as the leading cause of loss at a global level of impact. Internal theft increased to 39% from 28% last year (LY), external theft decreased to 38% from 39% LY, vendor fraud decreased to 7% from 13% LY, and administrative loss decreased to 16% from 21% LY.
203 respondents reported a shrinkage rate of 1.23% across 18 retail verticals in the survey conducted during 2014–2015.The shrinkage cost stood at a whopping $123.39 billion for retailers, globally.
Based on responses from common respondents, who participated in both surveys during 2013–2014 and 2014–2015, the global shrinkage increased from 0.94% during 2013-2014 to 1.42% during 2014-2015.

Pharmacies/drugstores, apparel specialist retailers, and jewelry and watch specialist retailers witnessed the highest shrinkage across all regions during 2014–2015. One of the key reasons for such high pilferage in these stores is that these retailers deal in merchandise which can be easily concealed and resold at good prices, without any significant legal implications. Warehouse clubs and pet shops witnessed the lowest shrinkage rates. 
Pharmacies/drugstores witnessed the highest increase in shrinkage rate (1.62 pps) during 2014–2015 (over the previous year). Other store types witnessing high increase in shrinkage included apparel specialist retailers (1.31 pps) and other non-grocery retailers (0.70 pps). Department stores witnessed an decrease of 0.87 pps, the highest among all store types. 
ORC, which is impacting the entire retail industry, is one of the major reasons for high shrinkage in pharmacies/drugstores. These criminals typically steal items such as medicine, baby formula, and health and beauty supplies. Some of these criminal groups have complex warehouse operations with bogus business accounts. This allows them to peddle stolen goods to wholesalers that sell them back to retailers from where the goods were originally stolen. The increasing sophistication and skills of shoplifters pose serious challenges to retailers.
The GRTB report includes very interesting global shrinkage data from multiple retail verticals.  Including details about shrink rates broken down by internal, external, vendors, and administrative sources. Information is also included for all major retail verticals such as apparel, drug store, grocery, electronics etc. 
Although the study is a global and reaches 24 countries it does not have specific data for Canada.  In its North American results it only includes the US. The report is still a great source of information that can be used as a point of reference for Canadian Retailers.  For a free copy of the 135 page report please contact your local Halo Metrics sales representative.  It is available in both English and French.
   By :  Ravinder
    Oct 30, 2015 08:23 AM
On September 16th, 2015 Halo Metrics unveiled for the first time in Canada a wireless security solution that allows staff to untether live devices such as smartphones and tablets and hand them over to customers for a truly uninhibited shopping experience.
Once a user steps outside of the invisible alarm bubble with a protected device an audible alarm will trigger at the display and at the smart device held by the user.  This innovative system also tracks display interaction with metrics showing product lifts, duration of lifts, battery charge levels on the devices and alarm event logs.  See the video below to learn more or contact your local Halo representative for a live demonstration.
Technology continues to move toward greater connectivity through wireless devices.  Halo Metrics is moving with this trend and will be announcing more solutions that incorporate this technology very soon.  Subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date with our product launches.
   By :  Checkpoint Systems
    Oct 20, 2015 09:56 AM
THOROFARE, N.J. – Oct. 13, 2015 – Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (NYSE:CKP), a leading global supplier of merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, today announced the EVOLVE™ MV E10 2.0 antenna, which features a highly customizable design and the ability to leverage powerful data analytics to empower loss prevention, operations and merchandising apparel retail professionals.
In addition, The E10 2.0 comes in RF, RFID and dual-mode (RF/RFID) versions to meet the specific needs of retailers and enables them to future proof their business investments. For example, by allowing retailers to invest in RFID at a later point via an RFID upgrade kit, the E10 2.0 enables them to use their existing electronic article surveillance (EAS) RF solutions today and then use RFID when the time is right for their businesses. In dual-mode, only one tag is required for both inventory management and loss prevention.
According to Uwe Sydon, Senior Vice President of Innovation, Checkpoint Systems, “The E10 2.0 represents a new generation of antenna where style meets substance. Whether retailers want to adapt to existing store layouts, boost their brand messages or create a visual deterrent to theft, the E10 2.0 is ready to meet their needs. In addition, powerful data analytics enhance loss prevention and merchandising capabilities.”
Flexible Design
Accommodating flexible store designs is one of the drivers of RFID adoption at apparel retailers. Checkpoint has taken the E10 2.0 to a new level of design flexibility. The antenna can be used as a sleek see-through acrylic design, or can be changed instantly to become an advertisement panel for a store’s products, simply by inserting graphic panels that are held in place by the elegant standard display. Advertising panels serve as a low-cost means to promote in-store campaigns or the brand itself.
The new antenna also is EMOPrint ready, which means retailers can obtain from Checkpoint full color textile panels that are easy to modify on the E10 2.0. EMOPrint improves the appearance of the antenna, making the store entrance much more appealing, an important factor for apparel retailers.
Lastly, retailers can further customize the antenna by ordering from Checkpoint full color graphic prints that are applied to the antenna base plates and RFID elements, to create a unique branded antenna solution. Some antenna areas are also available in color options to meet a store’s overall design scheme. In addition, the side of the antenna can be fully illuminated to create a high impact visual effect.
Powerful Data Analytics
Checkpoint’s data analytics for the E10 2.0 help merchandising and operations staff better understand store traffic, and ensure that store associates leverage RF/RFID investments appropriately, comply with store shoplifting policies and have systems always turned on and operating properly.
Integrated Vistor Counting is embedded in the new system, offering highly sophisticated functionality, analytics and reporting to improve profitability. It enables retailers to maximize the potential of their sales floor space, calculate shopper conversion rates and improve staffing allocations.
In addition, when used in RF or RF/RFID mode, E10 2.0 can be fully integrated with Checkpoint’s recently announced EVOLVE-Store, a real-time app for smartphones and tablets that supports real-time EAS and organized retail crime (ORC) event management, creating a powerful data-centric solution.
Finally, the improved RFID functionality of E10 2.0 will help loss prevention managers better understand what is potentially stolen, and store associates improve stock management by having the right product at the right time.
EVOLVE E10 2.0 is available immediately.
About Checkpoint Systems, Inc. (www.checkpointsystems.com)
Checkpoint Systems is a global leader in merchandise availability solutions for the retail industry, encompassing loss prevention and merchandise visibility. Checkpoint provides end-to-end solutions enabling retailers to achieve accurate real-time inventory, accelerate the replenishment cycle, prevent out-of-stocks and reduce theft, thus improving merchandise availability and the shopper’s experience. Checkpoint’s solutions are built upon 45 years of radio frequency technology expertise, innovative high-theft and loss-prevention solutions, market-leading RFID hardware, software, and comprehensive labeling capabilities to brand, secure and track merchandise from source to shelf. Checkpoint’s customers benefit from increased sales and profits by implementing merchandise availability solutions to ensure the right merchandise is available at the right place and time when consumers are ready to buy. Listed on the NYSE (NYSE: CKP), Checkpoint operates in every major geographic market and employs more than 4700 people worldwide.
Twitter: @CheckpointSys
George Cohen
GCC, Inc.
   By :  Ravinder
    Sep 29, 2015 03:00 PM
Many retailers know that their outdoor space or the front apron of their store is valuable real estate to promote seasonal items or impulse purchases.  The upside in sales lift is real.  But how do you prevent theft of these items that are outside of your store?
Some items are easier than others to protect.  You would think big heavy objects like BBQ’s, ride on lawnmowers, snow blowers, ATV’s etc. would be less of a risk than apparel or fashion accessories.  But these big ticket items are at risk as well.  
Most retailers will resort to some type of physical restraint such as a chain and lock but these offer no audible alarm protection.  If a thief has the confidence to walk up and roll one of these large items away most bystanders unfortunately would not question it.  An audible alarm has the advantage of drawing attention to a theft attempt and increases the probability that a thief will walk away from this attention grabbing situation.
For the first time Halo Metrics is able to offer a commercial grade outdoor alarm solution that will do just that.  Simply loop the alarm cable around the object you want to protect and you are done.  You can tether several objects together.  The Outdoor Alarm can be tied into your premise alarm as well but even as a standalone system it offers a 124 decibel alarm.  Enough to get anyone’s attention!  See the video below to learn more.  Contact your local Halo Metrics sales rep for a quote.
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