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   By :  Ravinder
    Dec 02, 2011 03:04 PM
Halo Metrics is excited to announce the launch of our newly redesigned Web site, which goes live today, Monday November 28th, 2011 and is located at the same address: www.halometrics.com
The Halo brand speaks to protecting the experience of retail shoppers.  We wanted to extend that thought of experience protection to our new website. 
Visitors are now able to navigate through our product assortment using a more graphical interface.  It’s much easier to see and find what you are looking for.  We have included quick and easy access product selector tools as well.  Just click on the red Halo shopping bag on the right side of the website.  You can use the general product selector, keeper selector or the PIN Pad security selector.
Our public store has been expanded with the widest assortment of PIN Pad security available online in Canada!  The PIN Pad selector will help you narrow down the choices to something that will work in your retail environment.  From there you are just a few clicks away from making a purchase.
Registered Halo website users have the option to gain access to a wider assortment of security solutions and technical support and other promotions.  As a registered user you also have the option to make payments on account using purchase orders.
Halo Metrics will be updating its blog page regularly as well.  Visit this section frequently for new content about the international and domestic tradeshows we exhibit at and attend; interviews with loss prevention leaders; and other information about Halo and the retail industry.
The new website offers access to our social media platform so feel free to “share” product information or blog content with your friends and colleagues.  You can also post your comments on our website as well in our blog section.
The Halo Metrics website has more videos as well.  Some of these videos are instructional and offer technical support while others are informational. Altogether it is a much richer user experience.  Feel free to contact us with any feedback you have about the new website. 
Halo Metrics Inc.
   By :  Ravinder
    Dec 02, 2011 02:46 PM
In a hair roots movement the men of Halo Metrics have come together for one epic cause.  To raise funds for male prostate cancer research and to grow the manliest mo’ of all time!
Led by team captain Pete Henry we set out to raise $1000 for cancer research.  It was fun, it was itchy, and some of the mo’s turned out a bit creepy but it was all for charity.   At the end of the day the team raised $2650.00 for prostate cancer research.  Thank you to all of our friends, family, partners, and customers who helped us along the way.
Check out some of the pictures of our manly men and their various mo’s!  For more information about Movember and Prostate Cancer Canada visit this website.
Halo Metrics  mo' team Mississauga Halo Metrics - Dave Bellemare - Movember
Halo Metrics - Andy Lai - Movember picture Halo Metrics - Ric Locke - Movember Picture
   By :  Ravinder
    Oct 05, 2011 11:43 AM
the halo design experience logoOn September 15th & 16th Halo Metrics launched The Halo Design Experience at the Canadian Wireless Tradeshow in Toronto.  This event was created to showcase innovation, design, and security integrated into fixture concepts for retail use.  The end goal was to create a seamless concept that inspired interactivity and a fully open shopping experience. 

Several partners collaborated to bring this concept to life.  Halo Metrics provided the security, interactive digital media solutions, and consulted on the integration of this equipment based on customer needs.  Comas Manufacturing Group provided the fixture design and construction.  RIM, Skull Candy, & WIND Mobile provided live merchandise for the display.

We worked with WIND Mobile to understand typical retail challenges and came up with ideas that would be implementable at store level.  Some areas we decided to focus on included:
  1. Creation of a connectivity display.  In this display the goal was to show customers how different data devices would interact via WIFI connectivity.
  2. Show powered up cell phones with cross merchandising of accessories.  This was meant to allow full access to live powered demos of devices with the opportunity to increase impulse sales on accessories. 
  3. Create a  feature display with a large touchscreen panel.  The content would be triggered by lifting live cell phones on display.
  4. Create an inline display with smaller touch screens and digital media triggered by phones on display.
  5. Tablet displays.  Because tablets have been such a hot item for 2011 we put out several solutions that powered up, displayed, and secured tablets.
Putting together an integrated solution based on the needs of different stakeholders with the ultimate goal of providing the best possible shopping experience can be daunting.  But that is what we did with this showcase.  The response was terrific as the attendees were impressed with the overall look of the displays.
Watch for upcoming blog entries on the different concepts that were created where we will go into further detail with each idea.
Halo Design Experience
   By :  Ravinder
    Oct 03, 2011 11:44 AM
Halo Metrics Inc. solutions were used in La Boutique to secure designer apparel during the Montreal Fashion & Design Festival. Halo Metrics provided over 2000 XT Fashion tags for the event. We are happy to report that there were zero losses due to theft and sales were stronger than ever!
The festival was a success once again with Jean Paul Gautier making his presence during opening night. More than just a showcase for trends, the MFDF  celebrates the fashion's New Year's in the heart of the summer, from August 3 to 6, 2011, and provide an opportunity for festival-goers to enter the glamorous world of fashion, design, and to discover Fashion Music surrounded by external multimedia performances.
We would like to thank all of our customers who took the time to take in the event.  It was a wonderful experience and we hope to see everyone again next year.
La Boutique at Festival Mode & Design
Halo XT Hard Tags used to protect designer apparel
Halo Metrics Inc.  Official Apparel Security Provider for Festival Mode & Design
Jean Paul Gauthier Fashions
Halo Metrics VIP Customers
Halo Metrics Customers
   By :  David
    Feb 28, 2011 10:13 AM
EuroShop hall 6 & 7a Trends (and European Plumbing)
One trend that seems to be common at this year’s EuroShop is that many retail suppliers are really getting focused on improving the in-Store experience. They are finding ways to get better information faster to both sides of the sales counter. Digital lift technology (as with some of our solutions) is getting better and easier, and it seems to be clearer to retailers where the ROI will come from.
Digital pricing and tags that allows retailers to adjust pricing and sometimes even adjust images at the push of a button wirelessly, without having to revisit price tags and tag holders seem to be more and more prevalent. This may be a future driver of sales by being able to get information to the customer when they are standing in front of a product, or instantly be able to adjust pricing or promotions for a special rather than waiting on a human to go over to each fixture.
In the security hall, things are getting a little full and confusing. More and more companies are entering the EAS and line alarm markets, some with little more than prototypes printed off of 3D printers. Although, many are creating systems that work and produce the alarm, it seems that many are forgetting how these systems are going to be used and maintained, and in the Canadian market it is often by store employees who need to be focused on selling. The ease of use is not always there, although they do seem easier to use then the showers in a German hotel room, as I still can’t figure out all the knobs, or why they have raised plumbing.
Cardboard and Animatronics.
Walking halls 3 to 5 seemed to be heavily weighted towards animatronics and cardboard displays (I know they don’t necessarily fit together). For some reason card board pop up displays seem to be back with some improvements including plastic feet to prevent soaking through on the retail floor, and the ability to fold into a very small package when it needs to be shipped and packed. I’m not sure of the environmental impact of these pop ups, but there sure seemed to be a lot of dead trees advertising snack brands at the show.
Most of the animatronics were pretty creepy, like the German rubbery guy in lederhosen singing drinking songs and the caveman swinging a fish, but there were some that seemed functional for sales purposes at retail. There were a couple that could be used to see how clothes move while in action, this was demonstrated with a manikin in a snowsuit with skiing motion and a suit walking. It was effective to see how the clothes move with the actions they would be taking in a real life scenario (see video), and I could see how this could impact a buying decision, or at least entice the consumer to look further. The rest of the animatronic Santas and the dancing Egyptian dogs will do little more than produce nightmares.
I know animatronics and cardboard have little in common normally, but they were both plentiful at EuroShop this year. I guess Bratwurst and Wienerschitzel could also be part of this blog then.
 Animitronics at Euroshop 2011
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